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Step Class

This has always been a somewhat challenging activity for me…it’s not something that seems difficult on the surface, especially when you see a group of “old people” doing it with little to no problems.  Step up, Step down…what is so hard about that?  My Step Class adventures started 7 years ago when I was a senior in high school.  My friend Stef and I decided it would be a good idea to get motivated and go to an early morning Step Class at our gym before school.  So there we were.  5:30AM  “Advanced Step”.  The instructor came up to us and asked if we had any “stepping experience”.  We didn’t, and I think I may have even laughed at this inquiry.  I had been climbing stairs since I was a kid, so this class didn’t seem like a big deal, seeing as how I considered myself a generally energetic and athletic person.  Anyways, we were the only people in the room of 25 under the age of 80, so we pretty much thought this was going to be a joke.  It was.  Only, unfortunately, the joke was on us (me in particular).  I was about 45 seconds into the class when I realized I was really up shit’s creek.  By the end of the class, not only was I embarrassed by my lack of coordination and absence of skill in this department, but I was physically exhausted from trying to keep up and mentally exhausted from trying to keep myself together.  It was that day that I vowed to steer clear of this stepping society for a long time. 

I held strong with this vow for a long time.  I since left that gym and have been through 2 others as I promised myself, I did not so much as use a stair master, let alone go to step class.  Recently I joined a new gym and decided to try my hand at Step once more.  I get to class…8:30AM on a Saturday morning “Turbo Step”.  Again, the instructor asks me if I’ve ever done step before, and of course this time I confidently tell her I have.  This class seems to be way better right from the start.  It’s a younger crowd, not to mention the fact that I now have experience.  The music comes on and almost immediately I start having flashbacks.  These people are literally stepping all over me and there were a few moments that I actually thought I would die. The only thing more embarrassing than up and leaving the class early was staying, but I knew I had to and I was hanging on to the hope that I would catch on.  The worst part was that I think people actually felt bad for me.  They just kept trying to “show me”, as though I was just going to magically comprehend all these acrobatic moves.  That was certainly one of the most miserable 45 minutes of my life.  Moral of the story?  If at first you don’t succeed, if you are in step class and you don’t want to injure yourself or an innocent bystander, just let it go and hop on a stationary bike where little to no damage can be done.

Mr. Sparkle

So yesterday I decide to vacuum my car up the street from work at Mr. Sparkle…I get there and remove all trash from my car and get ready to get clean and walk up to the vacuum with a handful of quarters.  Once I get to the vacuum I notice a sign “For your convenience, we are accepting only Sacagawea $1 coins”.  For my convenience…CONVENIENCE…are you kidding me?  This is the only establishment in the Northern Hemisphere that even recognizes these coins as real money and you’re doing this for my convenience?!  But wait, they do accept dollar bills to transfer into Sacagawean cash, so if you want to put in a $20 to use one coin and be left with $19 in one dollar coins, that is always an option.  I’m sure you can use those and any remaining $2.00 bills you have laying around when you go to the grocery store later.

Hello World

Hello, this is my piece of the internet.  I think you will enjoy this slice 🙂

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