Steroids Much?

Is this guy serious?  Where to even begin with all the things wrong with this guy/picture.  I’m not one to make fun of people…ok sorry that is a lie, I will totally make fun of people, but only for things that they do to themselves, and CLEARLY this gentleman has done this to himself!  Ok, for starters, where does a person get time like this?  Do you have a job?  and if so where?  seriously…i’m interested.  Also, how much time a day to spend working out?  Are all of these muscles real or are some implants?  (i saw a show once about a boy that got “calf implants”).  Additionaly, where do you purchase clothing, or do you have to get it all custom made?  There are so many more things to ask and say about this whole situation, but i’m not going to waste any more of my day on it!


About erinHasThoughts

I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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