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Ducklings getting blown away

OMG- i love how at the end, she just shakes her head and brushes it off! haha

I seriously cannot stop laughing while looking at this:


Hamster enjoying himself in a flower!

Top 5 Dumbest Things People Put on Their Cars:

I’ve been doing a lot driving recently and have been noticing things that people will do to their cars that are just absolutely ridiculous, and had to share my 5 with you.

1. Fake bullet holes. Do you really want to drive around making it look like your car got shot up? It may seem funny for a moment but to go forward and really put it on your car seems like nonsense.

2. Fake baseball through the window. This goes along the same page as the first, but seriously, do you really want it to look like a baseball went through your window and you didn’t do anything about it? Leave it to a Red Sox fan...

3. Stickers showing who is in the family. You have surely seen these popular stickers that show how many parents, kids and pets are in the family. The pedophile who lives around the corner has probably seen your sticker too. Think about that. (on a side note, even though I find this obnoxious, I also find it slightly cute and think maybe someday I'll put it on my car)

4. Bumper to Bumper Bumper Stickers. Come is this not illegal. In addition to being absolutely hideous, and distracting, you can barely tell what kind of car this is or what the color of it is! There's also two types of bumper people: 1. those who are just obsessed with stickers and put one on their car for every radio station, race and band they have ever heard of, and 2. the more annoying: "Cause" people. You know, the ones that have a bajillion bumper stickers about "prolife" or "obama". Its great to have an opinion but they need serious help on their delivery!

5. Adhering items to your car. Trolls is one example, I've also seen McDonald's Happy Meal Toys, Stuffed Animals and a few other things. In what world is something like this ok? I think that's all I have to say because any normal person would not think this is an alright thing to do.

Hair…when going bald may be the better option.

At an airport over this weekend, I saw this woman.  Her hair, while braided, was literally down to her knees.  Now, not only do I think this is disgusting, but additionally, I just get the overwhelming feeling of “why??”  Why have hair this long?  All you can do is braid it.  If you wear it any other way, it probably looks nasty.  So basically, you are buying 4x as much shampoo and conditioner and carrying around the extra weight and for what?  So that people can make fun of you when they see you on the street?  I mean if you are severely poor, or trapped in a tower, I could understand this, but this woman, clearly has money, as she is flying and for that same reason, I can see she is not trapped in a tower.  So ya…I’m just not getting it.  Sorry.

Rapunzel in the flesh

Starburst Prom Dress

Its that time of year again, and although I will not be attending prom, this gal really caught my eye.  I’m sure you have all heard of some weirdo guy that has hand-crafted his “duck tape tuxedo”, but Wisconsonite Kerrin Frey takes home tailoring to a whole new level!  High School Senior, Tara Frey and her boyfriend Zane will certainly be the sweetest couple at their Candyland themed prom.  After 6 years and 5 failed attempts, Tara’s determined mother Kerrin finally finished her masterpiece of Tara’s Starburst wrapper prom dress.  But wait, there’s more!  Kerrin also created a matching purse, shoes and of course vest for Tara’s patient boyfriend.

Although Kerrin and Tara contacted Wrigley’s and asked to purchase just the wrappers, they said no, leaving these crazy ladies no choice but to buy Starbursts by the cartfull!  Kerrin says that on Halloween she would give away full sized 14oz bags of Starbursts to trick-or-treaters, but begged them to bring back their wrappers.

Although, personally I think the idea of wearing a Starburst wrapper dress could be a sticky situation, you really gotta applaud not only the hard work and determination that goes into creating this dress, but also the courage it takes to wear it!

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