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Possibly the Best Groupon I’ve Ever Seen

I came across this groupon and instantaneously I was extremely jealous of anyone that got to purchase and use it.  Unfortunately, this is a deal for the Chicago area, no where near where I live.  Although I’ve never taken any interest in traveling to Chicago, if I ever do get there, I definitely plan on looking this up! Patty Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub…located right in Chicago, this place sounds like the best place ever.  Its an Irish Pub with draft beer from all over the world, “crappy American Beer” and of course, my favorite, Guinness.  Every Saturday and Sunday they do a “Beer and Bacon Tasting”  I LOVE beer and I LOVE bacon…it’s actually debatable which one I like more.  Now, I know there are things like “Bacon Festivals” and “Bacon Eating Contests”, which gross even me out, but a beer and bacon tasting…now that sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.  I mean maybe after you run the Chicago Marathon or something so you don’t really feel bad about it, but regardless, it really sounds amazing.

Animals being dicks

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Expedition Impossible

A mixture of Survivor and The Amazing Race, Expedition Impossible‘s season started last night in heart of the Moroccan desert.  With 13 teams of three, this is bound to be an amazing show.   I would LOVE to be on this show, but somehow, I think my life may be too normal.  I’ll follow this on a weeklyl basis, but if you missed last night, here’s a run down on the teams:

  1. The Football PlayersThree has-been College/NFL football players who probably think that they can whoop everyone because they are athletic, but I don’t see winning in their future…They seem pretty competitive, but without the guidance of a coach, I doubt they will be able to keep it together.
  2. The Gypsies:  (my personal favorite)  These guys are a little out there, but with their world travels and friendly attitudes, I think that they will do pretty good.  I even think they may make some friends and form alliances.  I think this will be  the free spirited nomadic adventure they have been searching for!
  3. The Fisherman:  Since these guys are from New England, I do root for them in a way, but I’m not sure how well they will do.  Fishing is a stressful job, but all of these guys are in their mid to late 40’s, so I don’t know that they will hold out.
  4. Country BoysThese guys need to go…they come on the show like “hey y’all, ain’t no one gona beat us” and then BEFORE the first challenge even starts – literally, they were walking up the first hill-almost quit…are you kidding me?  If that was my teammate, I would seriously never talk to him again.
  5. The Cops- set of 3 cops from MA…should be interesting.
  6. Team Kansas: three southern bell type sisters.  They are cute and spunky, but clearly don’t stand a chance.
  7. No Limits:  Although at first glance this team may look like the weak link, with one of the members being blind.  I think that they team actually stands a pretty good chance at doing really well, because only 2 of the members can see  how scary some of these task are.  For instance, the blind dude had no apprehensions about repelling down a 300 foot rock face, but he did mention that he could “hear the space” so i guess that can be pretty scary.  Additionally, 2 of them are motivational speakers so they should be able to keep their spirits up!  However, I do find them a bit on the annoying side because they have to wear bells to help the blind dude, and they are too optimistic.
  8. NY Firemen:  I don’t doubt that these men are tough, but they are all a little chubby and seems like they will poop out in the first few episodes.
  9. Mom’s Army: 
  10. Latin Persuasion:  bye!!! I honestly cant even believe these girls entered this competition.  This is clearly no place for them and I cannot stress enough how happy I am that they went home.  These 3 NYC retards actually thought that since they could “conquer the concrete jungle” this would be no problem…
  11. Grandpa’s Warriors:  I don’t LOVE this team, but I think they are alright.  Personally, I don’t think that a competition like this is in any way a place for a 70 year old man, but I have a feeling they are going to become a fan favorite, get reasonably far in the game and when they go home they are gong to be all sentimental about it.
  12. Fab 3:  Ex Gay lovers and one of their sisters…interesting combo.  Normally this combination would make me think there is going to be an overabundance of drama on the team, but these guys, shockingly, seem like they are going to do pretty well…and are definily not going to go home without a fight.  I like their “work smart” mentality.
  13. California Girls:  Seriously?  Not to be mean, but I give these girls 3 weeks…

Oh no you didn’t

Drunken Kitchen

If you have 5 minutes free today, I highly recommend you watch this…its Laugh Out Loud funny 😉

Vernon Police – Hard at work…

So the Journal Inquirer posted this picture on the front page of their newspaper last Friday, and the caption was “A Vernon police cruiser blocks West Street during Thursday’s storm” Now, I hate to point out the obvious here, but whether that cop was sitting there making $100 an hour on this emergency job or not, West Street was  going to be blocked off…I’m pretty sure that HUGE tree across the road was actually blocking off West street.  Hmm…how about we get a little more tree removal and a little less police cruiser. just sayin.

Tree Fort

Young Children In South Africa Eaten By Giant Rats

A chilling urban legend from New York City comes terribly true on the opposite side of the globe, as three-foot rats run amok, feasting on human babies. The Daily Mailwrites:

Giant rats as big as cats have killed and eaten two babies in separate attacks in South Africa’s squalid townships this week.

Lunathi Dwadwa, three, was killed as she slept in her parent’s shack outside Cape Town and another girl was killed in Soweto township near Johannesburg the same day. Bukiswa Dwadwa, 27, said: ‘I can’t forget how ugly my child looked after her eyes were ripped out. ‘She was eaten from her eyebrows to her cheeks, her other eye was hanging by a piece of flesh.’

Residents of South Africa’s impoverished townships say the giant rats grow up to three-foot long, including their tails, and have front teeth over an inch long. The suspects in the baby attacks are believed to be African Giant Pouched Rats, the biggest in the world. They are nocturnal, omnivorous and can produce up to 50 young a year. Some tribal people breed them for food.

The deaths appear to be part of a spate of deadly rat attacks in the country. Last month, 77-year-old grandmother Nomathemba Joyi died after giant rats chewed off the right side of her face.

Running Etiquette:

Last night I was out for a run with my dog, doing a normal route that I’m usually quite happy with, but last night was no ordinary night.  Where running usually relaxes me and makes me feel rejuvenated, by the end of my 5 miles, I found myself confused, and quite frankly a little annoyed.  Why, you may be thinking, did I feel this way?  Well, it’s really quite simple.  I saw approximately 7 other runners on my run (2 of them, running together, I saw twice because we were doing the same loop in opposite directions), and not even one of them had the decency to give me the “runner’s wave”, head bob or even eye contact for that matter!  I mean seriously, what is with that?  We are both out there, bonded by the love of running, in the heat, and you can’t even acknowledge me? How rude.

In my opinion, there are many people you do not have to acknowledge:

  1. “Wheelers”:  Bikers, roller bladers and skateboarders.  They are a different species than us runners and because they are going too fast, they likely wont respond.
  2. “Groupies:  Any group of 3+.  They are a running “clique” and will probably talk about you after if you say something to them (or maybe even if you don’t-who knows) because most likely a group of runners is a team and is between the ages of 15 – 18.  Don’t waste your time.
  3. “Slow Pokes”:  Any runner you are passing from behind.  If you say anything, you’ll just be rubbing it in that you are better than them.
  4. “Head-down joggers”:  they probably have their heads down because they are struggling…so again, don’t rub in that you are enjoying your run.

None of the people I ran into fell into these categories, thus leaving me disappointed in my fellow striders.  In my opinion, you should ALWAYS acknowledge a single running who is coming towards you.  You can do anything from an overzealous “Hi, how ya doin?” to even a single finger raise.  It’s really not that hard.

Too Tired to Eat!

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