One of those…I cannot believe how rude people are moments

So here I am at the eye doctor and as I’m waiting thers a gentleman in the waiting room on his cell phone. He was clearly on hold…how could i tell? Well, I could hear the “on hold” music because his phone was on speaker phone. Yes. You read that correct. While sitting in a public waiting room this fellow believes its appropriate to have his phone on speaker phone…who doesn’t love some elevator music!? So, after reading that, i’msure you won’t be surprised to read the next part of this saga…

Then, he actually gets to talk to the customer service rep,which I gathered was’s kindle customer service. He’s on the phone for a good 5 minutes when one of the nice ladies that works here comes by and says “sir are you going to be looking at glasses today?”. This jackass actually points to his phone and waves her away and follows that by saying to the amazon lady “I’m sorry, can you repeat that? I was just interrupted.”.

Wow, are you serious right now? YOU were interupted?? You made an appointment to be here! Sometimes it actually astonishes me how rude people can be! Put your technology away and speak with the real life people that are right in front of you for god’s sake!!


About erinHasThoughts

I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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