Girls Weekend

About a year and a half ago, some of my girlfriends and I decided to go on a girls weekend to relax, lay back, and well, I’m not gonna lie…party it up!  Since then, we have gone on 2 additional trips!  The trips have each been drastically different, but each experience was interesting to say the least!  I just thought I’d recap these weekends quickly, as I just returned from GW3 and thought it was way too fun to keep to myself!

Girls Weekend 1:  GW1 was a great time.  Or at least I had a great time!  I think maybe it was too diverse of a group (8 girls from all different states, groups of friends, and interests), but I think at the end of the day almost everyone had a good time.  We stayed at Kathy’s Lake George Chalets in Lake George, NY, and had planned everything before hand (as we do for all 0f the girls weekends) so once we get in the car, we have already paid for everything – chalet, food, and activities!  Once we got there, we made “team t-shirts” (we had Team VT and Team CT – obviously Team CT was better! 😛 ). 

Since we went in the first weekend of October, we decided that an Oktoberfest Cruise on beautiful Lake George was definitely in order!  It was quite an interesting experience, though.  We got on the boat, and we were LITERALLY the only 8 people, besides the ship’s crew, that was under the age of 75.  But, there was a bar on the ship, so naturally we were able to overlook this fact.  After the enjoyable, but freezing, cruise, we decided to walk around downtown Lake George and ended up back at the Chalet for outdoor games and chill time. 

Things may have gotten a tiny bit crazy that night, and we even inherited our own paparazzi!  Who would have thought we were that interesting.  But then again, who isn’t interested by a bunch of wound up up girls jamming out to hits like “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”??

Girls Weekend 2:  GW2 was a little more spontaneous.  In fact, one day it was a passing thought and the next day we are up in NH!  Here’s what happened:  my best bud was between jobs and boyfriends and I was more than ready for some relaxation.  After all, we were amidst the most snow that CT has ever seen in the month of January.  What else are we supposed to do other than LEAVE!?  So we did.  We went up Pemi Cabins, in Lincoln NH.  We thought that the Pemi Cabins were amazing.  Mostly because they were cute little cabins and had a little fire place and had a back porch that overlooked a river. 

This weekend was a bit different though.  Since it was only the 2 of us, we were a little bit calmer.  Not much, but definitely a little bit.  All we did all weekend was eat, drink, tell stories, play outside, read, and do a puzzle.  Actually – I take that back.  We TRIED to do a puzzle, but for whatever reason, there was no edge pieces in the box!  I think someone was seriously messing with us!  We also switched into another cabin right next store to this place, which were pretty much the same.  These cabins were nice and cute, but despite the solidarity that the photos depict, they were about 12 feet from Route 3 – a very busy road. 

Girls Weekend 3:  GW3 was by far the best one yet!  We stuck with the just the two of us again and went further north than before to Jefferson NH’s Josselyn’s Log Cabins.  Josselyn’s Cabins were amazing and seriously blew the past two places out of the water! Not even comparable!  They each have their own space and their own theme!  The theme of our cabin, Rainbow North, was Christmas!  Everything was hand built, from the cabins themselves to the porch swings to the dining tables/chairs to the bed posts and light fixtures.  It really was a peaceful and fun place to be.  And one of the best parts about it was that it was dog friendly!  My two puppies Jake and Taz has an amazing time! 

We didn’t plan too much here because it’s winter and we figured we just relax, but we ended up doing a ton!  Everywhere here was a solid sheet of ice, which was awesome for our cabin because we had a steep hill and ramp, which we named “the luge” right behind us.  Josselyn provided us with sleds, and the rest was history.  We’re lucky we didn’t kill ourselves because we definitely picked up some speed!  We went on a longer trip this time, but it was definitely worth it!  We spent our mornings doing puzzles (we completed two 500 piecers…HOLLER) and from about lunch on we bared the elements by making a fire and hanging outside all day chatting with people, playing with the dogs and the kids and sledding. 

We had a pretty solid fan base here too.  I’m not sure if its because we had a fire going in the dead of winter outside and invited others to join in, because my dogs played with the others’ dogs, because we were sledding and entertaining the kids for hours, or just because of our amazing personalities, but either way everyone loved us.  No seriously – we got asked by 2 different groups to join them for dinner and people were literally waiting on our door step for us…it was unreal.   We LOVED this place, and although we are beginning to think maybe we should try some place other than the while mountains (we have both vacationed here 3 times in the past 18 months) we booked another trip…we couldn’t resist!

Each trip we go on we get better!  Better packing, more fun, and better composure! I mean on this trip neither of us either took a nap!  It’s insanity.  Maybe one of these times we will actually go on a hike or use the yoga mats that are perpetually tossed into our luggage, but any way you look at it life just keeps getting better and better!




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