5 CDs I wish I could get my money back for…

Rarely do I listen to CD’s anymore since it’s much easier to play music off Pandora, my iPod, my iPad, or my phone, but I do still have all of my CDs.  Except of course, for the ones that have been lost under car seats or scratched past recognition; although, I do have some of those too, and when I do play them and they skip constantly I tell myself I’m going to throw it away, but I can never bring myself to do it.

Among my collection, I hold everything from Dixie Chicks, to Pink Floyd, to DMX, to Britney Spears, and everything in between.  And that’s what I wanted to talk about today…the “in between”.  Once I got into about 8th grade, I burned most of my CDs from my friends or from downloads from Napster, Limewire, or iTunes, but still I did some purchasing too.  Some, like Ludacris Word of Mouf, Smash Mouth Fush Yu Mang, or Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill were totally worth it.  In fact, if I lost or broke these CDs, I might even re-purchase them…although I will admit, I’d probably just do it on iTunes and store it on my cloud so I wouldn’t have to buy it a 3rd time.  But some…some, not so much.  Some are so bad, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I own them. Here’s my top 5 WORST CDs (in no particular order):

1. OMC – How Bizarre

Remember this guy?  He looks like he means business on his album cover, but I think we all know that’s not the case.  I can’t tell if he has naturally dark skin or if he’s just really tan from cruisin down the freeway in the hot, hot sun…OMC had their one hit How Bizarresomewhere around 1996.  Besides that one song, there is not one thing that is memorable on that CD.  How bizarre…how bizarre…

2. All Saints – All Saints

All Saints was a British/Canadian girl group founding in the early 90’s as “All Saints”.  I have no clue what the stands for, but they quickly dropped it anyways.  They had 9 singles in the British top 10 in the 90’s (five of those were actually #1 hits).  But, they never quite caught on here in the states.  The one song that I can remember from them was that song where the girl is talking in the prelude to the song and then it finally goes to real music.  “A few questions that I need to know…how you could ever hurt me so…”   I remember that being on the top 9 at 9 almost every night on kiss95.7 back when my bedtime was 9PM and I would listen to my clock radio for a while before sleep.

3. Shemoves – Breaking All The Rules

I think this group may be one that no one in the world knows about but me.  I hope for your sake, that is the case.   I’ve never heard anyone ever talk about this group, and to be honest, I have no clue how they even crossed my radar!  This pop trio had one hit Breaking All The Rules, but that’s it.  Not bad for 3 former New York Knicks City Dancers who tried to cross over into the musical sphere.  I’m not sure why it is that everyone in the entertainment business thinks that just because they are an entertainer they can easily cross between dancing, singing, acting, directing etc.  Come on people – not everyone can be Whoopi Goldberg.

4. Chumbawumba – Tubthumper

I’m not proud of this one.  I remember I got this for Christmas in 6th grade along with the Shawn Mullens (singer of Lullaby) CD.  And I can say that I’m especially not proud of the fact that I had a “roller blading routine” that went along with their famous Tubthumper.  Yea…I think that’s all I should say about that.

5. Marcy Playground Marcy Playground

It gets me that this has to be on my list, but there’s really no way around out.  If you aren’t familiar with Marcy Playground, their popular song was Sex and Candy.  Although I was only in 7th or 8th grade at the time of the purchase and this song was a bit on the controversial side for my conservative parents, I loved that song.  Unfortunately, upon purchasing the CD, I realized that I really shouldn’t own the CD.  Pretty much all other other songs on the CD were related to drugs and/or suicide including song like Gone Crazy, Opium, and One More Suicide.  Way too depressing for the likes of me!

I know we all have secrets like these in our closets – what is/are the worst CDs you’ve purchased?


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