1/4 Marathoners Deserve Jell-O Shots, Right?? Part II

I wake up Saturday morning all pumped up for the race.  No, actually that is a blatant lie.  Not because I was nervous or didn’t want to run, though.  The reason I was feeling this way was because it was about 35 degrees outside and SNOWING….What the hell!!??  Wasn’t it like 80 degrees a couple of days ago?!  Welp, that’s New England For ya!  I mean at that point we had already paid, which is actually the real reason I run most of the races I run, so we were going to be there, rain or shine…or snow.

I cut up the lemon shots and threw them into a Tupperware, and headed down to West Hartford with my boy to meet up with Liz, my fellow runner. We got to the race about an hour early, which was great because we had ample time to warm up and stretch!  That was extra important in this raw weather.  We took a cliché “pre-race” photo and hopped on the line.  All proceeds from this race supported ALS research, which is a cause close to me.  Even though the weather was super crappy, I felt happy and blessed to have the physical ability to stand on the line and run the 6.55 miles ahead of me.

Before the race...we are in good spirits!

Before the race...we are in good spirits!

The race itself was a double loop.  Those kinds of races aren’t really my favorite, but they definitely have their good points and bad points.  On the good side, you get to see everything you’re going to do in the second half of the race ahead of time, so you know how you should run in the second half of the race.  On the bad side, about one full mile of this race is uphill…so when you go up the first time, there’s no “oh I hope the second half of the race isn’t so hilly” because you already know it will be.  By some stroke of luck I felt great while running and finished in 55:48, which is 8:31 miles.  That’s pretty good for me, so I was PUMPED!  This was not only Liz’s longest race, but also her fastest!  She finished in 1:00:54, which is about 9:17miles…HOLLER!  We picked up our medals and got moving back towards the car.

After the race...Still happy!  Thats awesome!

After the race...Still happy! That's awesome!

Ok, now its time to get this party started!  Obviously, since it was 40 degrees and raining we decided to call grillin’ and chillin’ “Plan B”, and noted sitting inside and keeping dry and warm to be “Plan A”.  That’s fine…food can still be eaten inside, and more importantly, this did not disrupt the Jell-O shot Plan.

How were they?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  They were  ammaazzinggg.  We, and by “we” I mean mostly me and Liz (but hey, we earned it) slurped down those Jell-O shots like they were going out of style.  All while wearing our medals for the remainder of the day.

See??  1/4 Marathoners DO deserve Jell-O shots!  YUM!

See?? 1/4 Marathoners DO deserve Jell-O shots! YUM!



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I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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