I Miss Childhood Easters! Where’s the Egg Hunts for Adults?

Childhood Easter

Me on the left, with my little bro in the middle and my sister on the right with all of our new Easter Bunnies!

I remember as a child being SO excited for Easter.  Growing up, after going to Easter Mass, Easter meant egg hunts, Easter baskets and TONS of candy.  We always would get the little chocolate eggs wrapped in brightly colored foil and 6 inch tall solid chocolate bunnies from Munsons.  If you’re not from New England and you’ve never heard of Munsons, you’re really missing out because it’s the most delicious chocolate out there!!

Childhood Easter

Me and my sister with our mom
These are the cute dresses she made us!

Anyways, every Easter for many years we would wear special easter dresses that my mom would hand make for us.  It was a long time ago and my perception my be a bit skewed, but I remember her spending a lot of time sewing those dresses so they were just perfect for Easter Sunday.  Looking back they were always really cute, but I do remember the sleeves always cutting off the circulation to my arms.  We weren’t allowed to complain about it though because my mom would always say, “When I asked you if it was too tight when I was making it, you said no.  So, deal with it.”.  We did not find that advice helpful.

Childhood Easter

Aww, my sister is so cute in this pic!
As you can see...I'm in the background...probably counting my inventory.

I remember LOVING Easter Egg Hunts.  This was probably because in addition to my overly-competitve spirit, I was also the oldest, smartest (because I was the oldest), and tallest out of three kids.  So while my brother was finding one egg, struggling for 2 – 3 minutes to open it, then another minute to unwrap the candy, then another minute to eat the candy , and my sister was finding the “low hangers”, I was capitalizing on everywhere else.  I would remember the spots from last year and be tall enough to see the high places.  Unlike my younger siblings, I was unconcerned with showing my parents each time I found an egg…there would be time for that later.   Now was the time to focus…hunt and gather…this would, after all, be the most candy I saw in one place as one time until Halloween.


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