Waitressing FAIL

Recently my boyfriend and I had an awesome day!  We did some car repairs in the morning, and by “we” did some car repairs, what I really  mean is “HE” did some car repairs while I sat quietly on the side and wrote posts like this for my upcoming week interspersed with games of suduko on my iPad.  Then we visited with some family and then finally piled our bikes into my car and made it out to a bike trail to get some fresh, beautiful, spring air.  After our bike ride, we went to “The Main Street Grill”, formerly “Sam Buca’s” in Broad Brook, CT to grab a beer on our way home.  That’s where the problem started.

We get there, and upon sitting down, I’m almost immediately irritated.  One thing that annoys me is when you walk into a restaurant and all of the waitresses and hostess, who are supposed to be wearing all black, are actually wearing all black, but trampily.  I say that, because personally, in a service business I don’t think Victoria Secret PINK line yoga pants with hot pink zebra band around your ass is appropriate to wear as a waitress or hostess.  Then of course, all 4 of these, I’m assuming high school, girls are all awkward and flirty with the chubby bar tender.  I’m actually surprised that they were able to look up from their cell phones long enough to talk to him.

Although I could literally reach the draft beer from where we were sitting, it took almost 10 minutes for this chick to get back with my Guinness and Ben’s Blue Moon.  Just in case you were wondering, it was 4PM on a Saturday, and there were more waitresses walking around the restaurant than tables filled.  I was slightly annoyed about this (after all, we did just bike 10 miles…we were thirsty) but let it go pretty easily because Ben and I were having such a good time.  I just seemed like everything was taking so long.  Hmm…it could be because all of the service staff, including the chubby bar tender, were more interested in gossiping than actually doing what they should be doing.  I now know that all of the girls working there are “single, and loving it…(they) can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and  don’t have to worry about any stupid boy”, ok that’s great…now where’s my humus plate?!

The final straw for me was when I got the bill.  The tab, which covered 3 beers and a humus plate was $14.97.  I put a twenty-dollar bill in the checkbook and waited for my change.  I finally get the book back and open it to a five dollar bill and three pennies…Nice try beotch.  I was so annoyed that she thought she was pulling one over on me and giving herself a 33% tip by only giving me the $5 bill, I literally almost didn’t leave a tip.  But, Ben had a couple singles so we threw them down and hightailed it out of there.

Ok, now because you start thinking that I’m just a huge bitch, hear me out.  I worked as a waitress for 8 years.  This ain’t my first rodeo.  On a desperate day, I might have tried to pull this stunt myself, hoping that the person would find it too much effort to ask you to break the five dollar bill and just leave it for you.  I know how these things work.  I was just so annoyed with the whole situation it was unbelievable.  Had the girl given me five single dollar bills and three pennies, I probably would have just left the whole thing for her.  After all, I was a  waitress for years and RARELY believe in leaving less than a $5 tip.  But, given the entire situation from the moment I walked in, to the time I left…fat chance.

Will I go back?  absolutely.  I mean the beer still tasted great, and lets face, I don’t have a ton of options near where I live, but if sh*t like this happens again, I can promise you that you will hear about it.

🙂 Happy Monday! 🙂


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I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. I used to be a waitress, and because I was literally the worst waitress in the universe, I see it as my duty to be unreasonably patient when I receive shitty service. It’s my penance for all the orders I got wrong, forgot to enter, dropped, didn’t bring out in a timely manner, or accidentally overcharged for. Sorry, diners of the world!


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