Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of your Moms, Grandmoms, and Moms-to-Be out there!  This is your special day be appreciated and recognized for all the awesome things that you do on a daily basis.

Today I’d like to recognize my own mother.  My mom is the BEST.  I know probably everyone thinks their mom is the best, but in my case it’s really true.  She is the single most selfless person I know and would do just about anything for anyone.  I know that many time I poke a little fun at my mama on my blog but its only because I get my sarcasm from her.  Anyways, I’m sure on some level she enjoys it! 😉

My mom isn’t the best because she brought me to Disney World every April vacation when I was a kid or because she bought me a brand new car on my 16th birthday.  No, those things didn’t happen for me.  I received much more valuable and lasting gifts from her.  All of the little things that have turned into lifelong memories. 

As a child my mom was my daisy leader, she brought me and my brother and sister to the town pool almost every single day in the summer, she brought us to Wickham Park and The Lutz Museum (when there was still a play scape there).  She also read us books every night. Not just a measly Goodnight Moon either. I’m talking cool stuff like The Boxcar Children and Froggy Gets Dressed, and she always did the voices too. It was great. My mom was always the one to offer to give me and my friends rides places and was always willing to offer up her house to have my friends to come over and play.  I never thought anything of these things at the time, but now that I’m older I realize that a lot of people did not have awesome experiences like this.

As I grew older she was smart enough to NOT let me stay out all night and do what I wanted.  And no matter how much I cried, screamed, and begged, she did not budge much on that throughout high school.  Though I was not at the time, I am certainly grateful for that now! She was also, somehow, at every single game, meet, and ceremony I was ever a part of.  I don’t know how she did it, but she was there…and not in an annoying way where she was screaming at me to run faster or block a shot.  She was there in a quiet way that was comforting to me.  Just knowing that she was there watching was all I needed.   She also taught me to be responsible for my own actions – like the time I accidentally dyed my hair bright red (like fire engine red…not hair colored red) and she refused to go to the store and get me more dye to cover it up because she told me not to dye it in the first place…lesson learned.

She pushed me to apply to colleges and then listened intently as I complained for four years straight while I was at UConn.  Her patience and compassion through those years played a big role in me not having a nervous breakdown and dropping out of school!  Once I graduated from college I realized how amazing my mom really is.  She is always willing to change her schedule around to help out me and my brother and sister.  And most of the time we don’t even know that she had to cancel her own plans to drop something off to us, pick us up, do us a favor, etc..  Pretty much anytime I tell my mom I have started doing something or that I am interested in something new, the next time I talk to her she has advice to offer on the topic that she read or heard somewhere.  

As I get older and appreciate my mom more and more I get more and more excited to have kids of my own and try to do the same for them…or I can just bring them over to my mom’s house and have her raise them – she does a pretty good job!! JUST KIDDING MOM! haha 



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I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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