Manchester’s Official Dog Park Opening

Yesterday was a day that will go down in history for all Manchester’s dog owners and their K-9s as well as those in nearby towns! the Manchester Dog Owners Group (MDOG) have finally succeeded in building and opening the dog park, and I’m both happy and proud to say that me, Jake and Taz (JAZ) were in attendance!  The park itself is located at Mt. Nebo on Spring Street in Manchester, CT. Its tucked in the back left corner of the park and provides plenty of space and shade for dogs!  The opening offered TONS of awesome things!  There was a feather station, where Jake got a blue feather put in his fur, and Taz got a green one…who would have known my puppies were so fashionable!!  There was also a temporary fur dye station and free nail trimming station.  Next there was a “hot-dog bobbing pool”.  This was really popular with my dogs.  In fact, after they figured out what was going on there, they pretty much hung around the pool and waited for hot dogs to get dropped, hoping that the “new dogs” wouldn’t know what to do…I think they were just trying to set an example! haha.  There was also a delicious doggie themed cake, and an actual doggie cake for the pooches in addition to free dog treats that were being handed out.

The “activity area” is here. This is where “all the action” happens! feather extensions, dyes of all kinds, nail clippings, hot dog bobbing, and much more!

The door to the park! Check it out! If you are the owner of a small dog, Thursdays are all for you! No big dogs allowed!

The inside of the dog park! It’s completely gated, has a wood chip floor and has plenty of tree cover!

…And this is what Jake does at the dog park…he parks his butt. LOL you’d think that he has been running around all day. He gets into the park with dozens of other dogs and just sits by the fence…what a wallflower!

Me and with the pups! Love this pic…Jake doesn’t know whats going on, and Taz looks downright embarrassed with his gentle guide on. poor puppy!

Jake completely hogged the “hot dog bobbing pool” which he also used as a water bowl…go figure!  Notice Jake’s subtle yet fashionable blue feather!  oh-la-la!

Yummy dog park opening cake!

And Jake found a poor soul to feel bad for him and pet him. Seriously, this dog acts like he gets NO attention.

As you can, we had a great time, and I’m PUMPED about this!  Though South Windsor’s “Bark Park” is very nice, I (and my mom) will NOT miss the 25 minute drive over there.  Now, its just a 5 minute drive, or a 20 minute walk down the new bike path to get there!  Awesome!!


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