Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaid

Last night I was watching Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids, and to sum up my feelings after watching this show for the first time, I have 3 words: ARE YOU SERIOUS? O my goodness, I cannot believe these women. I haven’t been to alot of wedding in my life, and I’ve been “in” even less, but I will tell you one thing that I do know. As a women, your wedding should be the one day when everything goes the way YOU want it (within reason). To hear what these bridesmaids are saying, I’m not only disgusted, but I also wondering if the bride defriends them all after watching the taping of the show! As a bridesmaid your job is to support the bride and make sure that she is having the best day of her life! As a bridesmaid your job is NOT to: (1) choose your own dress, (2) override the bride, (3) refuse to wear what the bride likes, or (4) make the bride feel IN ANY WAY uncomfortable! You do whatever the bride, your “friend” wants you to do. It’s one freaking day of your life…and not only that, its one day out of your life, that your friend/family member has asked you to be a part of in order to make it one of the most special days of her life. Bridesmaids should feel good and honored to be asked to be part of such a joyous ceremony and worry less about the color and cut of their dress!!

I swear to god, if ANYONE on my bridesmaid squad acts in this during my engagement, I wont waste any time in letting them know they’re off the team. COME ON!


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