Adam Levine

 You’d have to be blind if you can honestly say you can’t find Adam Levine the least bit attractive, of course judging by looks only.  I used to love Maroon 5 before I even knew who Adam Levine was, and I even liked him on his own for a while, but then through seeing him on TV shows, listening to him on radio shows, and reading about him in magazines, I get the feeling he’s somewhat of a conceited douche bag.  BUT, obviously, I don’t know him, and all of the abovementioned sources could be inaccurate.

Anyways, that is not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is about  his currently popular song on the radio “Pay Phone”…you know, the one that has the lyrics that say “I’m on a pay phone trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you…”  Here’s what I want to know:  where the hell is Adam Levine finding a pay phone?  1997?  This is just so unrealistic that it just honestly annoys me!  I mean maybe he could say he was crying so much because he was missing his ex that his cell phone got wet and now it doesn’t work, or he was so distraught that he hiked to the middle of the Andes Mountains and has no service to call his ex….now THOSE are realistic scenarios…but a pay phone?  come on!

Get with the program Adam Levine!

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  1. Thank you for posting this picture. You made my day. I agree that he seems full of himself, but the beauty of a picture is that you can’t hear him talk. 🙂

    Also, I can’t remember that last time I saw a pay phone either. Maybe he’s being vintage with his music.


  2. I was thinking the same thing. If you could find a pay phone I would imagine it costs more than a quarter and who has that much change rolling around.


  3. Chanelle no.5

    I don’t know where you guys live but pay phones in Australia are quite popular, there’s at least 2 locations in every shopping centre for them to be and there’s one just a few houses away from where I live.
    So if he would easily be able to find a payphone and the song is vaild! haha


  4. Hi people, we have pay phones here in Keller TX inside Rosas Cafe very popular restaurant!!


  5. This whole entire thing is completely inaccurate. An educated person would not listen to the song and think he was actually talking about a real Pay Phone… It’s symbolism.


  6. i dont know where u live but u can find payphones right outside just about any n every grocery store n at some gas station………


  7. That is the funniest post I have seen in a long time. But, that is a great picture.


  8. He can have a payphone in my back garden for all I care!! I’ll even give him the change to phone me! Douche bag or not!


  9. there are pay phones, i dont know where you live but we have a few where I’m from.


  10. Where does everyone live that there are payphones?! There definitely are not any in CT!


    • Haha, I randomly came across this post and I totally agree with everything! His body is hott as hell but he does seem like a conceited douche that likes to sleep around. Anyways… I live in CT as well and there are definitely no pay phones here!!


    • I live in Texas and they are still around. While I was in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut I saw payphones. I’m guessing you have a cellphone? And your family and friends do as well ? This may be a shocker but not everyone can afford a cellphone or phone service. Payphones are still around and I’m sure there are plenty in CT you probably just do not notice them since you have no use for them.


  11. Chinese buffet restaurant is where you find payphone


  12. heres how it would sound ur way.. im in the andes mountains trying to call you
    because i was so retarted i thought id get reception..
    where have the times gone temps higher than 0
    sorry i cant concentrate… its the cold..
    and i dropped the phone down the side of the mountain and it got all wet

    there is only ONE andes mountain and im pretty sure he wouldnt be climbing it


  13. Watch the video. His cell gets ruined and doesn’t work. There is a payphone in the crappy dump if a place he’s at.

    He may seem like a douche, but in the same breath, he sounds pretty awesome. He sounds like he’s fun to be around. He’s not my favorite singer just for his looks, his attitude and character contributes as well.

    And to your first statement, yes you’d have to be blind. He’s hott! And this picture is just straight-up sexy!


  14. Oh and by the way, payphones are like EVERYWHERE! We have tons around here! And most states I’ve been in do as well.


  15. Savannah Dennison

    Well he is an EXTREMELY gorgeous man. Payphones, EVERYWHERE I can’t walk to a store without seeing one!!!!!


  16. Seriously just look at the picture again and I’m sure a payphone will be the last thing on your mind!!…just saying 😉 LOL


  17. I don’t think he comes off as a conceited douche bag. Quite the opposite actually. He seems like a cool guy. I’ve heard him talk and the way he carries himself and talks to others he seems like a very nice guy. I don’t know.. maybe I’m blinded by his charm, good looks, and oh that smile… *swoon*. Thanks for the picture sweetie.



  18. Guess I’m blind then. Yuck. Too scrawny. And yeah, total douche.


  19. there are payphones in alot of places such as airports, so technically your information is false because there are still payphones around, there are also payphones in bigger cities to be able to call for help. Adam is a sweet guy in real life take it from someone who knows. The people dissing on him just want to be more like him and honestly it makes Adam a stronger guy.


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