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Seneca Harbor Wine Center, Another Wakings Glen Gem

On our way out of NY a few weekends ago, we walked around the down town area.  As we were walking I saw the Seneca Harbor Wine Center.  I thought “hey I’ll go in and grab a bottle of wine from the Finger Lakes Region since I wasn’t able to do any tasting this weekend.

So I go inside and walk around looking for the perfect bottle to bring home as a souvenir.  I came across this one bottle called “Chocolate Lab”.  Instantly I was drawn to that because A). I’m a HUGE dog lover and the puppy on the label was adorable, and B). My parents have 2 labs, yellow labs, but labs none the less.  It wasn’t two seconds after I saw that bottle that I noticed they had a sign up that said “Tastings all Day”.  So I asked the woman how much the tastings were .  “Free”.  Free?!?  Are you kidding me?  I’ve been to probably a dozen wine tastings in my life and all of them cost something…most were only $5 or $7, but they cost something for the 3-5 wines you were sampling.  So, when this woman said the tasting was free, I figured it was less like a traditional wine tasting where they tell you about the wine and swish it all around etc etc, and more like when you’re at the deli and the deli clerk gives you a slice of cheese, so I tell her I’d like to try the Chocolate Lab.  She replies with “Ok, would you just like to try the Chocolate Lab or would you like a full tasting?”  Ummm does a bear shit in the woods, OF COURSE I’d love the full FREE tasting!

It was at this point that Ben made his way inside, I thought maybe I could sneak this one under the radar (since he doesn’t drink wine and would be bored while this whole hoopla is going on) but no such luck.  Thankfully though, he was a good sport and even partook in part of the tasting with me.  Yes, only part.  Why?  well one of us had to drive home…for the full tasting, they gave us 14 different wines!  I couldn’t believe it!  I mean that was even a better deal than shopping at Kohls!

After all was said and done we ended up purchasing not one, but three bottles of wine!  Trust me, we didn’t want to get so many, but they were all so good it was honestly hard to limit it at that!  The three we got were :

-Chocolate Lab
-Peach Chardonnay
-Blackberry Merlot

I’m not usually a Chardonnay drinker, normally it makes me feel like smacking my lips like that little blonde girl that used to be in the grape juice commercials, but this one is quite delightful!  We also go the Chocolate Lab to mix with the Blackberry Merlot!

Afternoon Delight

Wonderfully Wet Watkins Glen State Park

Recently Ben and I visited with some of my relatives in the Village of Burdett, and we were able to do a lot during our visit even though we were there for less than 48 hours.  Besides visiting with my family, going to Lodi Point State Park, Wagner Vineyards, The Crooked Rooster, and the Seneca Harbor Wine Center, my aunt and uncle took us to Watkins Glen State Park, which was pretty much the highlight of the trip.

As you can tell from past posts, Ben and I love hiking, so already this was right up our alley!  Connecticut doesn’t have any cool gorges like Watkins Glen, though, so this really was quite the treat.  Watkins Glen State Park is the most famous of the Finger Lakes State Parks, and it’s easy to see why:  throughout the 1.5 mile path there is water flow that drops over 400 feet.  Some flows over huge waterfalls, others just over the rocks.  It is so cool too because you can see how the water has worn the rocks down over time.  My aunt is a nature fanatic and was able to tell us a lots of cool fun facts!  Over thousands of years, glaciers originating in Canada drifted down to the US to create these amazing gorges, and they also brought some nonindigenous plants and trees with them.  It was also these same glaciers that created the 11 Finger Lakes!  Interesting right?!  We can’t wait to get back up there and hike some other gorges in the area!

Starting at the top left- water dripping, top right – me drinking from a natural spring (cold and delicious), bottom left- water rushing through the rocks (you can see all the different layers the water has cut through throughout the years- cool!),  bottom middle- my family standing on a bridge that was chiseled in the 1800s.  At that time, the water poured down under the bridge to a flour and feed mill that was located right about where I stood to take the picture! Bottom right- one of the couple hundred feet tall waterfalls.  The picture doesn’t do it justice since the waterfall was so tall I wasn’t able to get the whole thing in one picture!

Top left – Pic with Ben, my cousin Laura, and my Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim.  Top Right – cool pic of the water.  Bottom:  Me and my uncle Jim behind the sign.  (we both like taking pics of signs haha)

Me and Ben behind one of the waterfalls!

Sebago Lakehere we come!!

After a week of work, we are ready for our next adventure:  Sebago Lake!  One of my very good friends is moving to Austin, TX from CT in about a month and since her family has a cabin on  Sebago Lake she is having her last big hurrah up there this weekend!   There is going to be about 20 of us up there enjoying the lake and good times to come. The group of people going is a mishmash of her and her boyfriends friends from home (NH and CT), college friends, and new friends like me!  I’ve met a lot of the people who are gong to be there, but not everyone…I have heard a lot about everyone though so I can’t wait to meet them all.  Oh, and I’ve never been to Sebago Lake, so I’m SUPER PUMPED to experience it for the first time!

I’m also excited to spend some QT with my friend before the big move! We haven’t been friends all that long, only about a year, but in that time we have spent a lot of time together working, coaching, running, working out, and OF COURSE eating pizza!  Who is ever going to fill these shoes!?  At least the move is only supposed to be 11 months (by the way, she originally told me 10…probably to lighten the blow, but its definitely 11…wah!). 

From what I hear there will be a lot of eating and drinking, swimming and tubing, game playing (including board games) and I’m sure a lot more that I don’t even know about yet…So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d have to try really really hard to have a bad time.  Though I’m sad to see them go, of course I wish her and her boy nothing but the best, and that being said…lets get this par-tay starrrteddd!!!

Afternoon Delight

The Nonsensical Bathroom Nesting Phenomenon

For years, maybe even decades, I have been aware that there are people out there who won’t sit on a public john. Heck, there are even people out there who won’t use one at all…you know who you are. 😉  I get it.  Sometimes they are gross.  Maybe a little pee on the seat, maybe no toilet paper, maybe a day old deuce floating around.  Here’s what I DON’T get.   The “nesters”.  Now it’s not the concept of the nesting that I don’t understand, it’s the aftermath of said action.  Now if I had to guess, I’d say nesters nest because they don’t want their bum touching something that someone else’s bum has already touched.  Ok, so far I follow.  Where I get lost is why they leave the nest on the seat when they’re through.  It’s like they’re saying “Your ass is dirty and I don’t want my bare butt touching a seat it touched, but my ass…well my ass is amazing, oh, and also I’m super lazy, so please, feel free to use my pre-made nest.  Just make sure that you dispose of it when you’re through because if you don’t I’m not going to use that stall and I’m going to monopolize a whole nother stall with my nesting skills”.

Let it be known that this post is not based off a real experience I’ve had, it IS an experience I’ve had…2 times in a week…in the same building!  Come on people!  Get it together!

well isn’t that just dandy

The most random thing happened to me at a small town gas station in Burdett, New York. I went to the Dandy Mart to fill up and while Ben went inside to pay, while we were parked at the pump, I took this awesome picture. Anyways, I digress, I go back to the car and there is this guy using our pump to pump gas. I was dumbfounded by this and didn’t really know what to say so I just said “hello”. he responded with “oh hello, am I in your way?”…Wait what!?!? so you are going to come and sneak in the 6 inches between  my car and the gas pump and then nonchalantly ask if your in, my way? I seriously didn’t even know how to respond to this ridiculousness. So, I just went in and got Ben and let him take care of business.


Now isn’t that just dandy?

Jack Attack

Jack the cat is my aunt’s cat….kind of. He’s a stray in their area that my aunt feeds and takes care of that she would love to bring inside, but my uncle is allergic. So instead he lives outside, sometimes under their porch and is as friendly as a golden retriever. Jack has a personality (which that alone is strange for a cat) that is unlike any other cat I’ve ever met. Jack comes around as soon as he hears people talking and comes right up and hops right on your lap. Despite his long talons he is extremely friendly and loves being around people. You can’t get mad at his accidental clawing though, being an outdoor cat he needs it to survive.


Ben went outside this morning and barely sat down before Jack was in his lap.

Bringing Ellington to Burdett

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for months and now it’s finally here! My aunt, uncle and cousins live in Burdett, NY right near Lake Seneca and this weekend me and Ben are on our way to visit and we are PUMPED!!! We will get to hang out with my family and relax. I’m not sure what we will be doing, but I’m sure whatever we do will be amazing because we’ll be with some amazing people!


Looks like someone’s excited!!

Stay tuned or check our erinHasThoughts on instagram to keep up with our adventures!

Afternoon Delight

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this…

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