Summer Bra Etiquette

So summer is here in full swing – I’m not sure how hot it is where you are, but here in CT it’s been in the 90’s for a few weeks now.  We’re talking you break a full on sweat walking from  your front door to your car and possibly need to wear gloves so your steering wheel wont burn your little fingers.  No seriously I sat on a stone wall at lunch and literally had to stand up…it was burning my butt – THROUGH MY JEANS- no lie.  OK, so anyways, lets talk about the issue at hand.  It’s hot, we all know it.  It’s not that hard to figure it out, but unless you look like Gisele Bündchen, you probably shouldn’t walk around naked.  So us mortals have to do the next best thing:  wear tank tops, tube tops, racer back tops, and halter tops.  Now I have a multiple issues with these types of “tops”, including, but not limited to the fact that they’re aren’t made for everyone, yet everyone seems to think they can wear them, and there are times and places where they should and should not be worn…but that’s a topic for another day.

Today I want to get to the base of the problem.  The top underlayer, aka the bra.  If you want to wear a tank, tube, racer back, or halter top, your first and most important action should be to invest in a strapless bra.  I know we’ve all see the girl that has the on the pink halter top with the nude or white REGULAR bra on.   Does she look  cute?  Maybe from the front, but from the back, no.  She looks like WT.  I know what you’re thinking, “Erin, you’re being mean…”  No.  No, I’m not.  I’m being honest.  Honesty is the best policy, and here’s the honest truth:  If I was saying something people that is unchangeable, that is being mean, but I live in Connecticut where there are 3 other seasons, so I can pretty much put every dime on own on a bet saying that every single last girl in this state has a freaking t-shirt, and some of them really need to put them on.

What are your fashion pet peeves?


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I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. You know me…I am sticking with braless


  2. This being California, there isn’t much point in having fashion pet peeves. It’d be a losing battle from the get-go!


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