well isn’t that just dandy

The most random thing happened to me at a small town gas station in Burdett, New York. I went to the Dandy Mart to fill up and while Ben went inside to pay, while we were parked at the pump, I took this awesome picture. Anyways, I digress, I go back to the car and there is this guy using our pump to pump gas. I was dumbfounded by this and didn’t really know what to say so I just said “hello”. he responded with “oh hello, am I in your way?”…Wait what!?!? so you are going to come and sneak in the 6 inches between  my car and the gas pump and then nonchalantly ask if your in, my way? I seriously didn’t even know how to respond to this ridiculousness. So, I just went in and got Ben and let him take care of business.


Now isn’t that just dandy?


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