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Cell Phone

Broken Cell PhoneJust a little thought for the day:  I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I really don’t understand the messages I see on Facebook that say “lost my cell phone, so if I don’t get back to you right away, that’s why”, or “Cell phone went swimming – I’m out of commission til further notice”.  or anything along those lines.  To  keep this short and sweet, I’ll just list my reasons why I think this is dumb:

1. How many people are actually calling you in one day that people are going to be legitimately concerned if you don’t return their call in an hour?  I mean I’d say I’m liked an average amount but still, that being said, not counting calls from my boyfriend (if I’m lucky), most of the time I spend on my phone is perusing the internet and responding to emails….which brings me to my next point –

2. Since you’re posting this message on Facebook, you OBVIOUSLY have access to the internet, sooooo instead of making yourself feel important and telling the whole world that you’re phone is out of commission for a while just in case the whole world wants to get in touch with you, why don’t you just email the 2 or 3 people who would actually notice and call it a day.  I hope that this doesn’t come as a shock, but about 97-99% of the people who read that message probably weren’t planning on contacting you.

3. Furthermore, don’t people understand that you can retrieve your voice mails from ANY phone?  This is not a joke, you really can, and if you honestly don’t know how to do that, here’s the secret:  Step 1:  pick up a phone, any phone will work, land line, cell phone, pay phone, whatever.  Step 2:  dial your cell phone number. Step 3: when your voice mail picks up, press “#”.  Step 4: punch in your password.  voila – problem solved.  Now you can keep in contact with your fan base and no one will worry their pretty little heads over your phone debacle.

4.  What’s with the “lost all my contacts, send me your number” post on Facebook.  I hate to have to be the one to announce this, but its 2012.  Don’t people have their info backed up on a computer somewhere?  I mean I, for one, know the phone numbers of about 95% of my friends and family by heart.  I don’t expect everyone to be that awesome, but I would expect people, especially tech-savvy 20-somethings, to have enough common sense to back up their life.

5. This is the real kicker for this whole situation, if you ask me.  People make this dramatic post on Facebook like they are going to be in a 3rd world country for a year or something.  Let’s face it:  for most of us, cell phones are our everything:  our phone, our calendar, our email device, our gps, our internet, our alarm clock, address book, camera, game counsel, and the list goes on and on…I think it’s pretty safe to say that even if the phone is lost, shattered or stolen, the longest you will be without it is 3 days or less.  I think it may even be impossible to live without a phone for longer than that amount of time.

So I guess at the end of the day what I’m trying to say is a couple of things:  Pull.It.Together.  Back your shit up and stop acting like the whole world is concerned that your phone isn’t working.  Contact your mom (and possibly your significant other) and let them know, but don’t worry about everyone else because at the end of the day, your mom/significant other is probably the one(s) who will have even noticed that you haven’t called or texted them all day, and even they, probably wont care.

Down By the Bay….

One of my favorite things to do at Cape Cod, which I haven’t gotten to do in years, is to walk out into the Bay on low tide.  I used to do it with my dad every year and he taught me tons of things about the bay wildlife.  So, one of my very first stops when I got to the cape was down at First Encounter Beach to see what time low tide was.  The first day we were there it was 7:50.  Perfect!  We could go to the beach and then come back to the bay and walk out around 6 with the tide!  I love sharing my infinite wisdom with others, so you can only imagine how happy I was that Ben was actually willing, and excited to go on a science adventure with me.

We got to the Bay around 6 and started walking out, of course it was a slow start, but then again, it always is.  None of the “good stuff” is around until you’ve walked out into the water at least a half mile.  So we kept on walking and walking and ended up seeing everything from razor clams to spider crabs, and most things in between.  I will say that although I love seeing and touching all the cool things in the ocean, I do scream from time to time when crabs “chase” me, and I don’t like putting my hands in places where I can’t see them, nor do I like walking through the weeds.  I know that’s where lots of cool things hide, but it just kind of creeps me out not knowing what my poor feet are going to land on.  I may or may not have basically jumped into Ben’s arms a few times as I got nipped by those feisty crabs, but that’s ok, he probably secretly enjoyed it

The few things we didn’t see that I wanted to see was a horseshoe grab, a huge moon snail, and whelk.  Ben has seen a horseshoe crab before, but not a whelk, so it would have been cool to discover one in the wild.

Here’s all the cool stuff we DID see:

One of the first Hermit Crabs we found. Hermit crabs are cool because they will live in just about anything. Unlike moon snails, they are unable to produce their own shells, so they scavenge for shells as they grow. Without a shell they are pretty much defenseless and would be eaten by something in a snap.

Spider Crab! Spider Crabs are awesome because they look really scary, but they are totally harmless. Don’t let their tough and rough exterior fool you. Their pinchers are so small even the biggest one couldn’t hurt you. One thing to be careful about though, is their legs are very pointy and somewhat sharp at the ends, so be careful if you’re going to rest it in your hand.

Scallop Shell

Clam: I was really excited to find this because my and dad and I go clamming every single year. We never go in the bay though because it can be much more difficult to find clams in the bay, as opposed to in a salt point or inlet. I found a bunch of these this year though! (We didn’t take any, though, because they were all too big – oh, and we had hundreds at the house already!)

Skate Egg Case: These egg cases are pretty tough. Skates, which are a type of ray, hatch from them and the cases many times wash on shore.

Fiesty crab ben caught

Ben with his crab

Two crabs mating. A little biology lesson for you! haha! These crabs were extremely calm and didn’t try to attack us at all. I guess because they were…uhh busy! hehe

Me holding a HUGE spider crab! Even though I knew it couldn’t hurt me, I will admit that I was nervous to pick this bad boy up!

Oyster! On a side note, I actually tried oysters this year for the first time. Delicious! tastes like clams but not chewy at all…yum!

We finished our walk at the bay right at sunset…awww how romantical.

Mountain Biking Massacre

A couple of days ago in Cape Cod, Ben and I decided to go mountain biking.  We drove about a half hour to Hyannis to the  Cape Cod Pathways.  We started the ride, and for some reason I was feeling a bit more adventurous than normal.  I even recall actually saying to Ben “I’m really keeping up with you a lot better than I was before”.  This was my first mistake…overconfidence.  I was feeling really good, actually riding on the downhill parts and pedaling through the sandy parts…basically feeling pretty comfortable throughout the whole experience.

It all seemed too good to be true.  Probably because it was.  I officially counted my eggs before they were hatched.  We were on our way back and I decide to go down this hill a little more (ok, a lot more) steep than normally I would.  This was my second, and nearly fatal mistake.  I thought that since it was a small hill I could totally handle it.  I was wrong (shocker, I know).  Anyways, so I get half way down the hill, and my left foot and petal catch a rock, causing my handlebars to flip around and ultimately resulting in my bike flipping over my left shoulder bringing me with it.  Cool.  Luckily, I didn’t break any bones, especially because I have a very important wedding to be at in a couple days, but I do have one badass bruise to show for it…ouch!

The Gems Of BigY, Ellington

A couple of days ago I went to BigY to get some stuff to make myself and Ben a delicious dinner and I come out of the store to this tool is his late 90s Honda Civic with Lamborghini doors blaring music just chillin in parking lot.


Am I the only one who this this is absolutely ridiculous?? I mean seriously, what the hell? What is the point of putting these doors on a 15 year old car in the middle of nowhere Ellington, CT? Lmao this is ludicrous.

On the Road Again


So here we are again on the road…Ben and I are on our way to Cape Cod this weekend to get in some R&R and chill with my family, and I, for one,cannot wait!! Going to Cape Cod has been a long standing tradition in my family. We’ve been going for about 20 years. This year Ben is coming along and boy oh boy is he in for a treat! We are going to do SO much fun stuff! Personally, I’m pretty pumped to go clamming with my dad, and also to do some biking and some chillaxing on the beach!! Even though my family ends up bickering for most of the time, it’s still one of my favorite things to do (but 3 days is enough for me).

After the clamming comes my dads homemade clam chowder and clams casino!! Yum! There’s nothing as good as some fresh seafood that you actually dug up yourself!! The house has a wonderful sunset over the bay too!! It’s so mice to relax and be around family and good friends!! Can’t wait! Only about 2 more hours til we are there!!


Decide. Commit. Succeed. One Girl’s Story of p90x Determination.

Growing up I was always skinny.  I never really had to worry about “eating right” or dieting, and to be honest a diet for me never really lasted longer than about 2 hours.  But really, they would have lasted longer, but then I would get hungry and eat whatever was in my fridge or pantry.  I’ve always been really active so, being lucky, I never really had to worry about my weight.  Then about a year ago, I really started to get self conscious.  Since I had been out of college for a couple years and most of my day was spent sitting, instead of playing sports, or walking across UConn’s enormous campus I was noticing that had put on a few (ok maybe more than a few) extra, unneeded, lbs!  My clothes started not fitting right, and it was at that time that I vowed:  I will NOT buy bigger clothes to make myself feel comfortable.  I WILL change my life to feel comfortable in the clothing I own.  After all, isn’t that how people get fat?  They eat too much, get uncomfortable in their tight clothes, buy bigger clothes that have some spare room, and repeat cycle.  It all starts innocently enough, but before you know it you’re not allowed on amusement park rides and are buying two plane tickets for yourself.  And that, my friends, is no way to life.

Anyways, back to my story:  About a year ago, I really started to notice changes in myself and I didn’t like it, but since I had always been active and never really dieted (my idea of a diet was having only 4 slices of pizza instead of 7), things didn’t really start out so well for me on the weight loss front.  I tried exercising in the form of running, but I’ve been an avid runner since the age of 11 so that didn’t do anything for me.  No seriously, I trained diligently, and rain a full marathon (26.2 miles) and was literally the exact same weight after.  I also tried every “diet” out there:  Atkins, South Beach, Veggie Cleanse, Smoothies, Juice Diets, Slim Quick, Fasting…They would work for a short period of time, and then OF COURSE because they are only a “quick fix” I’d be right back to where I started…sometimes even worse off!  Turns out the only REAL way to lose weight is diet and exercise, muscle confusion to be exact…who would have ever guessed!

So, thanks to my patient boyfriend’s encouragement, I decided to try p90x.  I had already been through months of boot camp classes, and not for nothing, because they were amazing, but I really needed more.  More intensity, more times a week, and unfortunately I really couldn’t afford more than 2 times a week at boot camp.  May 6 was my day.  Decide. Commit.  Succeed.  The initial plan was to go from Adele to Jillian Michaels (*see bottom)  in 90 days…needless to say, that didn’t happen, but I’m proud to say that I for the past 13 weeks I have done every single main workout (60-90 minutes) and all but 2 of the ab workouts (16 minutes) in addition to running, biking, and hiking.  I’ve also tried my best to stay on track with the p90x nutrition guide.  Of course I’ve failed many times, but I’m only human, and I can only learn from these experiences.  I’m not perfect, and I’m no super model, but I’m definitely much stronger both mentally and physically now than I was before.

It’s funny because as I started the 90 days, I thought to myself…wow this is so easy!  Not easy in the sense that the workouts were easy (they weren’t) but easy in the fact that I enjoyed working out and the workouts were similar to those that I have done in bootcamp and other classes at my gym so it wasn’t difficult to motivate myself to do the workouts.  It was about week 6 that I hit my first wall.  I was tired (most days I had to get up around 4:45AM to fit it all in) and to be honest I just wanted to be lazy.  But that wasn’t an option.  How could I be mad when nothing was happening to my body if I wasn’t doing anything differently!  I’ve seen that with too many people, and quite frankly I find it annoying so I chose not to let myself fall into that category.  I mean like anything, there were some days that were way easier than others, and some days that I literally hoped I would fall and break my ankle so I wouldn’t have to continue.  In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t break my ankle or any other body part for that matter, and am even more glad that I stuck with it and am on my way to reach my goal.

To say that I did it alone though would be lying, so I really have to give credit where it’s due.  Of course, thanks to my loving boy who encouraged me every single day for the past 90 days . Next, I have to thank an amazing co-worker, Andra, who was nice enough to take a look at my food log every single week not only to keep me on track, but also to give me some helpful tips and motivate me. She also helped me get on track with some great vitamins and supplements! She rocks!  Then of course some of my girlfriends, Liz, Carrie, Erica who have gotten up at ungodly hours to do workouts with me and forced me to believe that I could get through it when I was mentally or physically fried –  Especially Erica who would do extra workouts with me just to keep me company on a low day!  Additionally I found motivation through fellow bloggers, loseitbig, roundtoravishing, and theblissproject whose blogs I found motivating, inspiring, and many times entertaining! (I especially appreciated loseitbig – he’s hysterical!)  Finally I gotta thank my bestie Stef.  She’s so far away (I’m in CT and shes in CO), but since we both have the same mind set and similar goals and are both working out and eating right so we look to each other for support, and it always means a lot to me.

Feel free to read more about my exercise regimen, food log, measurements, and success on my page Eating Clean & Getting Lean!  I’d also love to hear some of your own personal success stories or challenges!  cheers!

The Frustrations From Shopping At High Class Discount Stores…

I’m going to keep this short, mostly because even thinking about this infuriates me, but also because I don’t have much time.  So yesterday I rushed over to target to get this really cute dress in between when I left work and when I had to be at track practice.  I thought it would be totally fine time wise.  Of course after I got the dress I realized it was only appropriate to buy shoes to wear with it…so I did that, I was at Target after all…isn’t it a crime to leave there with only one item?  I still had AMPLE time to check out and get to practice early…or so I thought.  I went to the front of the store and there is only 3 checkout aisles open.  Now, normally at 4PM on a Wednesday that should be fine, but this Wednesday, for god know what reason there is over 20 people in each line.  No joke.  So anyways, I go to the 10 items or less lane, which was definitely a mistake because EVERY time I go into the 10 items or less lane my head almost blows up.  One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people go into the 10 items or less lane and they CLEARLY have more than 10 items.  The two customers, not just one, but two customers in line in front of me each have a heaping cart.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!  Do you not see the sign that says “10 items or less?” Do you think that no one will notices?  Well I did notice, and I was about half a second away from telling them they needed to reevaluate what they are doing here but they opened a 4th checkout aisle so I quickly got distracted running to that lane (hey I was in a time crunch, don’t judge me!).

Now one would think this is a good move on my part…WRONG.  There is one person in front of me in the lane, so I’m thinkin easy-peasy, checkout her stuff and then it’s me.  NOPE!  She has 2 little boys with her that are INSISTING on scanning all the items and of course, the cashier, who was a boy that  looked to be about 17 years old, was going along with it.  Really?  come on, who in the world lets their kids do this!  And besides, I don’t have freakin’ time for this!  So anyways, they finally scan about every school supply in the whole damn store and then out of nowhere the woman whips out a stack of coupons about 3 inches thick.  No kidding! You can’t make this stuff up.  Now, I’m just basically waiting for the “Extreme Couponing” Camera Crew to come out of the wood works.  Finally, after what seemed like decades, I was able to check out.

Sheesh!  The one time I can get in and out of Target under $30 this happens to me! Go figure!  Oh, and if you were wondering about the 10 item or less line…yep both people with the heaping carts got out of the store before me…just my luck!

The Privilege of Facebook

I remember when I was a freshman in college in 2004 and a girl on my hall was talking about Facebook.  Face-what?  I had no clue what she was talking about and then she started telling me that its this thing that students in one college can use to talk to other people in your school.  Mainly it was this place you could upload your classes and class times to connect with people in your same classes….man o man, how things have changed!  That’s not even an option anymore!  I remember when it was only the BIG Colleges and Universities that had Facebook.  In fact, when the smaller schools and community colleges were given access I remember it actually being annoying to me. haha little did I know it would not end there!

Next they opened it up to high schools…high schools? really?  To this day I’m not sure that was a great idea.  In fact, I think its just another way to make kids feel insecure and hurt when they see pics from parties they weren’t invited to, or find on on Facebook, likely after many of their friends have, that they boyfriend or girlfriend has dumped them.  wahh so sad too bad!

Then the real kick in the gut:  when it was opened to the world.  All you needed was an email address.  Wow so in an instant something that you initially had to “qualify” for is given to just any jo-shmo on the streets!  And from there, well the rest is history.  The 2000’s would be a much different place if it weren’t for the book!  Nowadays, everyone from grandmas to charities, and races to every business that gets any business has a Facebook page, and that’s just the beginning!  The people who aren’t on Facebook are almost looked as defective in some way…”you don’t have Facebook?  Whyyyyyy?” And then of course there’s the rebels who shut down their profile.  I tried to do that once, ok you got me-I tried to do that 27 times, but it never really stuck.  I’m addicted, what can you say?  Feel free to follow erinHasThoughts on Facebook….what, is that not cool? hehe

Do you use Facebook?  Do you use it for personal or business purposes? When did you get it?

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