Awesome Austin: Night Life

From what I’ve been told, there are two places you MUST go to in Austin to get the “night life experience”:  6th Street and Rainy Street.  6th Street is located in downtown and is a one stop areas for live music, clubs, events, dining, lodging, entertainment, art, bands and more!  It’s one of the most well known party districts in the county and is a huge hotspot for University of Texas students, vacationers, and Longhorn fans from all over!  Rainy Street, on the other hand is a bit more subdued, but not to be mistaken for boring!   Rainy Street is SO cool because it’s basically a neighborhood with small Cape Cod homes that have been transformed into intimate bars.  These bars have backyards with fireplaces, picnic tables, and small performing stages for live bands in the warmer months.  I was lucky enough to get to experience both.  Remember both…not so much, but experience both, yes! all the way!  But, it is my understanding from my red eyes and tremendous hangover that both were a really great time!

Buffalo Billiards: Located in the heart of 6th Street, Buffalo Billiards (BB) is a one stop shop for food, beer, and games such as skee ball, pool and darts.  I do believe at one point I was “playing darts” (as is evident in my picture below), however, for the safety of others that privilege was taken away.   We were able to take the city bus right from Carrie & Doug’s apartment to Billiards, which is awesome, and then ended up taking a cab home!  That’s one that I don’t have where I live:  amazing public transit!  It was also at Buffalo Billiards that I got my first taste of the official beer of Texas:  Lone Star Beer!

Blurry pic of me and Carrie (completely appropriate) and Doug, Me and Ayumu on the bottom right.

Blurry pic of me and Carrie on a Texas Star (completely appropriate) and Doug, Me and Ayumu on the bottom right.

Black Heart:  Located on Rainy Street was a lot more under the radar.  In fact, when we parked, I actually had to ask “Is this a bar”?  Black Heart is set in a small white house built in 1889 and decorated in several pictures of “hard-working women” of Storyville, the red light district of New Orleans, Louisiana from 1897-1917, hence their motto “keep the red light on”.  The house was transformed into a bar with all reclaimed wood and materials that were already part of the property.  Its a really cool on the inside with all exposed wood and those old light bulbs where you can see all the coils (no, not the coiled energy efficient bulbs, the OLD energy non-efficient ones).  You walk into the house and there is a long bar.  To the right is 2-ish rooms.  Its really one big room, but part of it is a step up.  On the raised portion sat a HUGE Great Dane.  At first I didn’t even know it was real, but turns out he was! Gentle giant to say the least!  He barely moved and didn’t make a peep, but was very handsome to look at!  On the lower part sat long couches and high-backed chairs.  The lights were dim and the beer was good (I had a local brew:  Fireman’s #4).  It was a great atmosphere to sit and talk with friends.  Out in the backyard there was a bar, multiple tables and a small stage used for live music throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  It was cold when I was there so I didn’t get to enjoy any live music, but I still loved the bar!  One of Doug’s Habitat coworkers, Katie and her boyfriend, Lucas, met up with us there and it was a lot of fun to sit and chat the night away!


Icenhauser’s: Also on Rainy Street, actually right across the street from Black Heart, is Icenhauser’s.  Like Black Heart this is also a renovated home (but this one actually had a family living in it until a couple years ago!  The feel to this bar was a bit different that Black Heart.  There were leather benches and what appeared to be office chairs to sit in, which were all kind of thrown into a room with no rhyme or reason.  Their specialty drink menu featured drinks named after women.  Though these drinks were much more expensive that what I normally would get at a bar and closer in size to a shot than an actual mixed drink, I thought “I’m only in Austin once” and decided to go with “The Jennifer”:  cucumber-infused Hendrick’s Gin with lime juice.  This is partially because I like Gin, and partially because I thought cucumbers don’t taste like anything so I had to try this.  Turns out cucumbers actually do have a taste:  cucumber.  It’s hard to describe, but it was delicious.

Awesome chandelier at Icenhausers made out of wine glasses!   That glass has class!

Awesome chandelier at Icenhausers made out of wine glasses! That glass has class!

Flix Brewhouse: “America’s Cinema Brewery”!  CT does not have this, and I really wish they did!  Flix is actually a brew house where there is a full dinner menu…the best part is that you order said brews and dinner while you’re watching a movie in the movie theater!  We went to see So This is 40, and it was hysterical.  I LOVE Paul Rudd, and of course he was a crowd pleaser, per usual.  So anyways, back to beers and food:  how does it work?  OK, well you go in and it looks like a normal movie theater, but the tiers of rows are a little more spread out and higher than a normal theater.  Once you sit down, there is a table that you can pull out from in front of you and pull right up to your movie theater seat!  In front of the table is a little blue button.  In order to order anything from beer and soda to dinner and snacks  you just push that blue button and a waitress comes over in a jiff to take your order.  But you don’t even have to talk to the waitress, you just hand her a piece of paper with your order and before you know it, she comes back with said items in hand!  Think Fancy TV dinner…that is served to you…while you’re watching a movie in a movie theater.  I’m sold!  After having been once, I will say one thing:  be careful what you order because since its obviously dark in the theater, some things may be difficult to eat!  At any rate, I really got a kick out of this:  movie, service, the whole shabang!  Annnddd it was cheaper than movie theaters in CT (to watch the movie anyways)…I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to just a regular old dingy theater!

Clearly I was excited for the movie! :)

Clearly I was excited for the movie! 🙂

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for Austin Part 3!


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