Inspirational Blogger Award!


I was nominated by Wine & Dash for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. I’m pretty excited about it!  I’ve gotten nominated for blogger awards before, but have never actually taken the time to follow through on the write up.  But hey, there’s no time like the present!  erinHasThoughts is just over two years old and I’m thrilled that somehow I have kept the ball rolling and am still in the “blogosphere”. Thanks for the nomination, Karen!  Blog on!

Here are the rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Things about me

  1. I hate winter with a passion, and if I could find the right person (family, friend, lova – I have no preference) I’d move to a warmer climate in a heartbeat…I just can’t bear the thought of doing it alone.
  2. I LOVE dogs.  No, I’m pretty much obsessed – since I can’t have a dog of my own (living in an apartment) I walk dogs on my lunch break and dogsit as frequently as possible.  If you hate dogs, a relationship with me – even just as a friend – probably would never work out.  I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs…or pizza, or orange soda.  Something is wrong with these people.
  3. I work too hard and play too hard.  I never give myself a chance to sit and relax.  If I’m not at one of my multiple jobs, I’m probably half way across the country, hiking, wine tasting, or doing something else…It’s extremely difficult for me to just sit on my couch.  In fact, sometimes I have to “schedule” a relaxation day and force myself not to make any other plans…it’s tough.
  4. I’m obsessed with colored skinny jeans – no seriously, I have about every color, wear them almost every day, and have no intention of changing that any time soon.
  5. I love working out! I wouldn’t say I’m the most coordinated or athletic person out there, but I do love breaking a sweat. Whether its hiking, bootcamp, running races, or even something I haven’t tried before.
  6. I love elephants – they are a sign of wisdom and good luck – I can always use a healthy dose of both of those!  They are also one of the world’s smartest animals and are one of very few animals that actually has compassion for others.  They even have a burial ceremonies for the dead.  I’d love to see one in real life and touch it one day.
  7. I want to spend a little bit of time, even if its just a week, in each state in the United States before I die.  I think its amazing to have the opportunity to travel around the world, but there is so much diversity right here in the US, and I want to see it – all of it.  My plan is to buy an RV when I retire and travel the world for a full year, spending one week in each state of the US.  Hawaii and Alaska?  1 week cruises! yes please!  (oh, and also then I’d be able to have a US map on the side of my RV and I could fill in the states as I visit them!! 🙂

I nominated the following 15 bloggers:

  1. Lose It Big
  2. Tattoos & Pearls <–needs to start blogging again…like yesterday!
  3. Words and the Bees
  4. Over My Styled Body
  5. The Bliss Project
  6. Sidewalk Ready
  7. Kendi Everyday
  8. Hello Gorgeous!
  9. Urban Nester
  10. Undressed Skeleton
  11. J’s Everyday Blog
  12. Pop of Style
  13. Round to Ravishing & Back to Round Again
  14. Amateur Healthy Girl  <–needs to start blogging again!
  15. She Wines Sometimes

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