Early Morning Run-In with the 5-0

There I am on my Monday morning, up and at ’em.  Went to bootcamp at 6AM, went back home and showered and ate breakfast and was on my way to get to work on time and everything.  How many times can you say that on a Monday morning…well for me, just about never.  So since things were going so well, obviously something had to go seriously wrong.

agwaySo there I am driving down my street.  About a mile from my apartment there is an Agway and they recently put up their new spring advertisement which is HILARIOUS.  Seriously, I crack up every single time I drive by.  See pic to the side.  I was stuck at the red light so naturally I pulled out my phone and snapped a few quick pictures.  The light turns green and I go.  I make it about 3 feet past the intersection and whoop-whoop, there’s the state trooper right behind me.   Greeeaaaattttt!

So I pull over and grab my license and registration, both of which I actually knew exactly where they were, which was a miracle in itself.  He comes up to my car and nicely tells me that he had pulled me over for using my phone while driving.  (To be fair, while many times I actually do use my phone while I’m driving, in this instance I literally was at at red light and was at a complete stop and only taking a picture.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was “using my phone while driving”.  But hey, I’m not about to fight with the guy).  He asks me if I was using my phone to use the GPS.  For a split second the thought crossed my mind to lie and say yes, but I wasn’t, so I said no.  Anyways, the next questions probably would have been ‘where are you coming from/where are you going?’ To which the answers were ‘home and work (less than 6 miles away)’, and I really didn’t feel like looking like that asshole so I just sold the truth.

So I give him my license and registration and he looks at my licenses and reads off the address,

“Is this where you currently reside, ma’am?”

“Umm no, I actually live just right down the street at the address on my registration,” I reply.

“When did you move there?”

-slight hesitation- “September of 2011”. (yes, 18 months ago).

“Ma’am are you aware that when you move you have 48 hours to notify that DMV of your change of address?”

I was not aware of this.  And with that, he went back to the patrol car.  I sat in my car waiting, all the while (quietly) jamming out to some Taylor Swift, basically just waiting to get my new tickets.  Just add ’em to the pile, was my thought process at this point.  I just got MAILED a ticket from Illinois from when I drove through in January.  I never even got stopped in IL, they just take pictures of people and send out freaking tickets!  (bs, right??).  Anyways, the trooper comes back over to me, hands me my stuff and says in the most fatherly voice I’ve ever heard,

“Now I know you love your phone, and you need to stay in touch, but it’s just not worth it.  You have a new car, so just go out and grab a blue tooth or hook up your phone through your car or something, and texts…well it’s just not worth it.  When you’re driving, just put your phone in the glove box and forget about it.  It’s just not worth it.  They’re really hot on this issue right now, and well, I just wouldn’t want to see you get in any trouble.  Now the ticket for the phone is $149, and the inaccurate license information is $117, but I’m just going to give you a verbal warning”.

Ummm are you kidding me?  I don’t know if he felt bad for or what, but I’ll take it!  I was pretty much sure that all my waitressing money from this week was going right back to the Department of Motor Vehicles, but somehow by the grace of God I was cut a break for once.  What a SUPER TROOPER!



About erinHasThoughts

I just started eHT in January of 2011, and I'm shocked and humbled that people read it! For some reason it seems like I am always in the most ridiculous situations and witness things only seen in movies, so I like to share my experiences with all of you. Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. I actually thought you were talking on your phone, not just taking a picture, That’s so lame!


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