First Time Fitathlon Finisher

my race bibThis past weekend my sister and I competed in our first ever Fitathlon Challenge!  Going into it, I was super nervous because I had never done one before.  I was hoping that I had prepared enough for it and that I wouldn’t die somewhere along the course.  When you see the “course line up”, which we received about 2 days before the event, you’ll see why I was feeling that way!!

My sis and I have actually been training for this event for a while now.  The gym we go to, Fitness Revolution, run by the one and only Cass Forsythe, was offering fitathlon training on Sundays since many of us were participating.  Additionally, many of the things that we had to do during the challenge, especially the calisthenics, are something we do so often at bootcamp I swear I do them in my dreams sometimes!

We got to the race about an hour and a half before it started.  It was at Rentschler field in East Hartford, a couple towns over from where we live.  We wanted to make sure we had ample time to get our registration packet, figure out where the starting line was and stretch beforehand.

So enough about that…what did the actual challenge entail?  Here’s the lineup:

  1. Calisthenics – 40 Squats, 40 pushups, 40 crunches & 40 burpees.  We do these types of exercises on a daily basis at bootcamp, so yes, it was still hard, but not unmanageable.  I would say, though, that I really could have used a box for my pushups! haha
  2. Lunge lap – 1/4 mile of lunges – this was a long slow, and very painful (for days to come) process – trust me!
  3. Long run – Not to long, only ¾ -1 mile of road running. This was a welcome change from lunges – in fact it felt amazing!
  4. Transverse Wall – Not your typical wall. The angled wall had rock climbing holds on it and you had to scale from one side to the other without falling.  When I did this at the Warrior Dash in September I totally fell off into the water, but somehow i was able to keep it together this weekend!
  5. Tire Flip – 200lb+ tires. We each flipped a tire 8 times, which was fun.  We actually practiced this one a lot at training so I knew what to expect.
  6. Balance Beams – We had to carry a slosh pipe (10 foot long pvc piping partially filled with water – if you think this is easy to carry while keeping your balance, I’d LOVE to see you try) over eight 4 in wide and 8 feet long balance beams.  This was the most difficult obastacle for me, as I have zero balance when I’m standing on two feet on level ground, let alone a skinny balance beam holding a slosh pipe.  That must have been comical to watch.
  7. Wheel Barrel Push – Push a “wheel barrel” loaded with weights through grass I’d day we did about 100yds of this.
  8. Trail Run– We had to put on a 25 lb ruck sack and “blaze a trail”.  the trail itself was marked, but it was kind of creepy back there.  This being basically just a running event was one of the easier challenges, but of course the extra weight did make it more difficult.
  9. Speed and Agility Run – Tires,tires, tires. Add some cones, hurdles, hay and ladders. I may or may not have taken a digger while “tire hopping”, but its ok.  I got right back up and kept going.
  10. Monkey Bars – The monkey bars were really short, but it was really hard to keep your grip because the bars turned when you grabbed them.  I wasn’t able to keep any momentum there and therefore fell off…wah!
  11. Walls – The short ones – 5 feet. We had to essentially “hop” over these walls using upper body strength to pull ourselves up and then throw our legs over.
  12. Chain Pull – 30lbs, 100 yards. Just had to drag those chains behind us like the ghost of Christmas past.
  13. Tunnels – 24 inches, 18 inches, and even 12 inches! This was interesting because the bottom of the tunnels were grass and the day before the race it poured and POURED.  so needless to say we got a litttttle messy there, but it was all good.  I felt like an army guy crawling on my belly through the tunnels.
  14. Ropes – 40 foot ropes 2inches thick.  We had to slam the ropes for 30 seconds.  It would have been better, I think, if we had to do a specific number of rope slams, but doing it for an alloted amount of time was still good.
  15. Cargo Net – Cargo nets were set up about 3 feet above the ground and we had to crawl across them, or get across however you could.  Some people had an interesting “roll” technique.  we had 2 rounds of these with some “hay bale hops” in between.
  16. Wall Climb – We had to get over an 8 foot wall (twice) using nothing but a rope.  I wont lie, I definitely got some assistance on this one, but my sister Kate was able to do it all on her own.  She rocks.
  17. Over/Unders – 100 yards of leaping and ducking over 2 foot hurdles and under 3 foot hurdles. 48 hurdles in all!  Man, this one was almost dizzying under, over, under, over, blah blah blah….I was happy to be done with that.
  18. Farmers Walk – 300 yards of an unbalanced walk with a 25 lb weight in one hand.  This lead us to the finish line where we were greeted with granola, water, and bananas! Yum!!

We completely rocked it!  And had a great time (and looked great, if I do say so myself) doing it! The Fitathlon can get kind of pricey, but I was able to sign up at a very discounted rate.  I probably wouldn’t have done it if I had to pay full price.  You can read more about the Fitahlon Challenge and find one in your area HERE!  And if you hear of any awesome races, leave the in the comments below!  I’m always looking to try something new!

Here’s some pics from the day:

Hanging out in my car before the race started goofing around w my sis

Hanging out in my car before the race started goofing around w my sis



AFTER We met up with our friend Anna from Bootcamp

We met up with our friend Anna from Bootcamp

Of course some post-race celebration beer and pizza!  YUM!

Of course some post-race celebration beer and pizza! YUM!





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  1. You do all these fun things…I am jealous.


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