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Cell Phone

Broken Cell PhoneJust a little thought for the day:  I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I really don’t understand the messages I see on Facebook that say “lost my cell phone, so if I don’t get back to you right away, that’s why”, or “Cell phone went swimming – I’m out of commission til further notice”.  or anything along those lines.  To  keep this short and sweet, I’ll just list my reasons why I think this is dumb:

1. How many people are actually calling you in one day that people are going to be legitimately concerned if you don’t return their call in an hour?  I mean I’d say I’m liked an average amount but still, that being said, not counting calls from my boyfriend (if I’m lucky), most of the time I spend on my phone is perusing the internet and responding to emails….which brings me to my next point –

2. Since you’re posting this message on Facebook, you OBVIOUSLY have access to the internet, sooooo instead of making yourself feel important and telling the whole world that you’re phone is out of commission for a while just in case the whole world wants to get in touch with you, why don’t you just email the 2 or 3 people who would actually notice and call it a day.  I hope that this doesn’t come as a shock, but about 97-99% of the people who read that message probably weren’t planning on contacting you.

3. Furthermore, don’t people understand that you can retrieve your voice mails from ANY phone?  This is not a joke, you really can, and if you honestly don’t know how to do that, here’s the secret:  Step 1:  pick up a phone, any phone will work, land line, cell phone, pay phone, whatever.  Step 2:  dial your cell phone number. Step 3: when your voice mail picks up, press “#”.  Step 4: punch in your password.  voila – problem solved.  Now you can keep in contact with your fan base and no one will worry their pretty little heads over your phone debacle.

4.  What’s with the “lost all my contacts, send me your number” post on Facebook.  I hate to have to be the one to announce this, but its 2012.  Don’t people have their info backed up on a computer somewhere?  I mean I, for one, know the phone numbers of about 95% of my friends and family by heart.  I don’t expect everyone to be that awesome, but I would expect people, especially tech-savvy 20-somethings, to have enough common sense to back up their life.

5. This is the real kicker for this whole situation, if you ask me.  People make this dramatic post on Facebook like they are going to be in a 3rd world country for a year or something.  Let’s face it:  for most of us, cell phones are our everything:  our phone, our calendar, our email device, our gps, our internet, our alarm clock, address book, camera, game counsel, and the list goes on and on…I think it’s pretty safe to say that even if the phone is lost, shattered or stolen, the longest you will be without it is 3 days or less.  I think it may even be impossible to live without a phone for longer than that amount of time.

So I guess at the end of the day what I’m trying to say is a couple of things:  Pull.It.Together.  Back your shit up and stop acting like the whole world is concerned that your phone isn’t working.  Contact your mom (and possibly your significant other) and let them know, but don’t worry about everyone else because at the end of the day, your mom/significant other is probably the one(s) who will have even noticed that you haven’t called or texted them all day, and even they, probably wont care.

The Privilege of Facebook

I remember when I was a freshman in college in 2004 and a girl on my hall was talking about Facebook.  Face-what?  I had no clue what she was talking about and then she started telling me that its this thing that students in one college can use to talk to other people in your school.  Mainly it was this place you could upload your classes and class times to connect with people in your same classes….man o man, how things have changed!  That’s not even an option anymore!  I remember when it was only the BIG Colleges and Universities that had Facebook.  In fact, when the smaller schools and community colleges were given access I remember it actually being annoying to me. haha little did I know it would not end there!

Next they opened it up to high schools…high schools? really?  To this day I’m not sure that was a great idea.  In fact, I think its just another way to make kids feel insecure and hurt when they see pics from parties they weren’t invited to, or find on on Facebook, likely after many of their friends have, that they boyfriend or girlfriend has dumped them.  wahh so sad too bad!

Then the real kick in the gut:  when it was opened to the world.  All you needed was an email address.  Wow so in an instant something that you initially had to “qualify” for is given to just any jo-shmo on the streets!  And from there, well the rest is history.  The 2000’s would be a much different place if it weren’t for the book!  Nowadays, everyone from grandmas to charities, and races to every business that gets any business has a Facebook page, and that’s just the beginning!  The people who aren’t on Facebook are almost looked as defective in some way…”you don’t have Facebook?  Whyyyyyy?” And then of course there’s the rebels who shut down their profile.  I tried to do that once, ok you got me-I tried to do that 27 times, but it never really stuck.  I’m addicted, what can you say?  Feel free to follow erinHasThoughts on Facebook….what, is that not cool? hehe

Do you use Facebook?  Do you use it for personal or business purposes? When did you get it?

Afternoon Delight #11

Who, What, When, and now….Where?

I know this isn’t terribly new, but its definitely still something I’m terribly against:  checking in.  I honestly do not understand why people feel the need to share literally EVERYTHING with everyone else all the time.  It’s almost like privacy has become taboo.  Suddenly, if you’re not on Facebook, or you don’t “check in” or update your status every 5 minutes, you have become the minority.  Facebook, as long as many other smart phone applications, allow people to “check in” everywhere they go.  I’m not 100% sure because, as I mentioned, I’m not a fan and don’t participate in these activities, but I’m pretty sure that at least with some of these apps you get points for “checking in” to a place the most often or even updating your location the most often.  Are you serious?  Why would anyone want the entire world to know their exact locale all the freakin time?  “Erin has checked in Bradley International Airport”, “Erin has checked in to Red Robin”, “Erin has checked in CVS”….who the F cares!?  To me, this is one step away from having an entire camera crew following you at all hours of the day, in fact, I would not be surprised at all if Facebook’s next move was to have people wearing portable cameras all day and just having a live feed of what they are doing available on their Facebook page at all times.  I know that sounds crazy, but with our world’s, specifically, our countries, desire for completely transparent lives, I don’t think it’s out of the question that this could happen.

By all means if you have some validation for this social phenomenon that I’m missing, please let me know…I might change my mind.  I probably won’t but I might! 🙂

Top 10 Facebook Fails:

I came across these as a result of a larger list…I don’t know these people, but these are really quite funny.  As we know, Facebook has a lot of great qualities and a few bad ones.  But, even the bad ones, like the fails shown below, are ironically great for all the others who can enjoy their social disgrace!

In no particular order we have….

The kid who thinks he’s a bad ass, even though most likely he lives in the suburbs with his married parents in their lovely house where he has not a care in the world…gotta give dad props on this one!

The clueless mom that actually DID have a clue before her hoe-bag son tricked her…shame on him!  Also, hopefully shes only giving dome to his father and not to him too.  He should take care of that on his own.


…Maybe this is her way to come out??

whats that saying?  oh right that’s it: “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  I mean come on!!  Everything, and when I say everything, that includes FACEBOOK, has spell check!!  that little squiggly red line under the word…that means its not spelled right!

The activist who is secretly fighting for his own cause…

The overzealous computer nerd…Maybe he’s not a computer nerd, but he definitely got a little too excited with this one!

The mysterious sympathy hog.  Doesn’t want to say whats wrong, because probably the only thing wrong is that she has no friends…and yes I said she…sorry girls, but boys aren’t dramatic enough to stoop this low!

The attention seeker.  After reading this, I’m less inclined to believe that he’s going to kill himself and more inclined to believe that he has an imaginary inanimate love affair with a soft drink…yikes.

The “gun-jumper” …Its probably a great idea to make sure that personal information is distributed to all those involved before posting it on the book!  whata idiot!

The clever commentator…so great when you see a good one!

Facebook Status Updates…#NobodyCares

I read this article about the most annoying Facebook status updates, and I was literally laughing out loud because not only are all of these annoying, but I also see all of them on a daily basis.  When a group of Facebook users was polled, here are the results:

  • 24% say its the intentionally vague posts meant to generate concern and attention, also known as a “vague-booker”.  “Has it even been worth it” or “I love the way you lie…”  These people can quote movies or songs, or say something vague about what is going on in their life and they think that no one knows what its in reference to, but most people do.  These people seem a bit confused, because although their posts prod people to ask questions and exert concern, they tend to get mad when people are “talking about them”.  Refer to Facebook:  Private Thoughts in a Public World for more information on this.
  • 20% say its the Chronic complainer, also know as the “bummer-booker”.  “Ugh, rain again?  Can I get some sunlight?” or “So glad someone at work decided it would be a great idea to reheat Chinese food in our tiny office…cant wait to smell like kung pow chicken all day.” These people take something that they probably would never say to real person a posting it on Facebook.  Easy to be brave behind a computer!.
  • 19% say its the people who are constantly posting meaningless calls to action, also known as the “booking-activist”.  “If you want to fight world hunger, put the color of your socks as your staus update.  I want to see who is brave enough to do this” or “If someone you love, know or have possibly met one time in your life has or had cancer, repost this to show your cancer survivor support…most people won’t be strong enough to repost.”  Ok, these are pretty much retarded because you posting someone on FB isn’t really supporting anything…at all. sorry.
  • 14% say its the “oversharer”.  Thats it, not clever nickname for them…they are what they are, and you know it alllll… “Next time wear a thong with the wrap dress”  or  “Leslie has been puking all day and Tyler has the runs…not gonna be a fun night”.  Now, why would ANYONE want to know that?  And furthermore, people should be embarrassed to share such graphic details with the internet and all eyes that come across it.  Come on…the line has to be drawn somewhere and I think it should be drawn at private parts and bodily fluids!
  • 13% say it the miscellaneous posts, which include religious/political statements, indecipherable txt spk, and game updates. “I hate when I wake up in the morning and Obama is President” …you hating it doesn’t change anything…and did you even vote?
  • Finally, 10% say its the people who post too much, or “frequent-Facebookers”.  12:00PM:  “Chicken salad or tuna?”  12:15: “Chicken it is!  Thanks for all the responses guys!” or (and this is one of my favorites) “Good Morning Facebook” or anything else that refers to Facebook as a real person or friend.  Some of these people need to step away from their computer and/or put the smart phone down and do one thing in life that they don’t also give a play-by-play for on FB.  I don’t need to know your daily agenda, what  you ate/are about to eat, and I certainly don’t need to see a whole slew of self portraits that you took of your self in your bathroom mirror.  I don’t care how amazing you look…the toilet in the background really takes away from the sex appeal!

Get a life people!  Now I love to talk and share my thoughts with the world, obviously, but is it really necessary to share every single detail of your life and every single thought that goes through your head the moment that it appears in your brain?  Personally, I don’t think so, but as always, it makes for good entertainment…carry on.

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