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Archaic Triumph owners:
Will and Shannon

So I’m cool enough to know the owners of an awesome Etsy Store that makes really cool nautical themed bracelets.  My friend Shannon and her boyfriend Will started making these awesome bracelets after they saw the Brummel Hook Sailing Lines online for over $100.  Will’s family, being big sailors, all wanted some of these bracelets, but not at that price!  Will took matters into his own hands and started visiting local boat shops like Milford Boat Works, and even bit time shops like West-Marine.
The bracelets are a truly nautically inspired piece, the bracelets incorporate the sailing line and Brummel hooks used throughout the world for sailing.  They are hand-made to order in the Northeast, and all of the sailing line, Brummel hooks, and end caps are sourced from local and American businesses.  These humble bracelets are simple, yet truly showcase the functionality of true sailing gear put into a bracelet that can be worn in both casual or formal occasions.
Everything from the sailing lines, to the knots, to the charms are characteristic of the wonderful world of sailing.  Personally I love these bracelets and think they are a great idea for graduation gifts, or birthday gifts.  They only cost around $20!
Make sure you check out the Archaic Triumph’s Etsy Store, where they sell most of their bracelets.  If you live in Connecticut in the Hartford County area and are interested in purchasing a bracelet or two for yourself or your friends, contact me and I can put you in contact with Shannon, who would be happy to personally meet up with you and save you the shipping cost!

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