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One Week + Two Gifts = One LUCKY Girl!!

Wow…so I’m feelin pretty lucky today!  In the past 5 days I have received two unsolicited, unexpected gifts from two of my best friends!  It’s not even my birthday or Christmas!  As you may remember I received the In My Humble Opinion journal from my friend Liz earlier this week, and to my surprise I received a package in the mail yesterday from my best friend Stef who is currently residing about a million miles away in Colorado.

Stef and I have been known to partake in some crazy antics together in our day and we are always up for an adventure.  So, it doesn’t surprise me that she has made some friends out west that will partner up with her and create new adventures.  They went to the Denver Zoo and Stef was thoughtful enough to buy me this AWESOME magnet and send me a nice letter!  I’m SUPER pumped about this!!  Not only is is great to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill, but I also just thought it was so nice that she thought of lil’ ole me while she was out having fun with her new friends!  Thanks Steffy!! xo

See how GREAT it looks on my fridge?? Oh and thats the pretty card she sent me from CO! Awesome!

My sister also gave me a gift earlier today, but you’re going to need to wait on that…it’s not something that can be shared with another post…trust me!

Frienassance 2008: The Time We *ALMOST* camped in Rocky Mountain National Park

Me, Stef and Stacey had left Gateway, Colorado early in the morning for what we were expecting to be about a 6.5 hour car ride.  Unfortunately, we got a bit off track…it all started when we got off the interstate to check out Buffalo Bill’s Grave.  But, that’s a story for another day.  Anyways, around 10PM we finally arrived to Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was freezing, pitch black, and to be quite honest, kind of creepy.  You know, when its so quiet, you’re just waiting for something to happen…it was like that.  Since it was so late there wasn’t anyone at the entrance to check us in, so we took matters into our own hands.  We started down one of the “roads” within the campground, but it was literally pitch black outside, like way blacker than it ever gets in New England, and we were a little nervous we were going to drive off a cliff.

We decided to pull over and set up camp.  We pitched our tent, and got out our sleeping bags.  Except our sleeping bags only consisted of my mummy bag, a child-size sleeping bag Stef yanked on our way out the door, and…well that’s it.  One mummy bag, one child-sized bag, and three grown adults.  Fantastic.   I guess in in many ways it was probably for the best ‘though because the tent was only meant for two people.  Besides, it was so cold, and we get so scared (thanks to Stacey telling us stories about some bus driver that was on the loose cutting off people’s heads), that I’m pretty sure Stef and I basically slept on top of each other all night anyways.

We woke up early – I’m talking around 6AM.  It was light outside, and it was FREEZING.  We looked at the temperature gauge in the car and it said 17 degrees.  BRRRR!  As we looked around our “campsite” we realized that we weren’t even CLOSE to a campsite.  In fact, we basically just set up shop on the side of the road that leads to the campsites. haha.  Well better that then driving off a cliff, am I right?  We almost had all our crap shoved into the car (which was not an easy feat) when a park ranger rolled up…great.  We had to explain the whole situation to him.  I think given that we all basically looked homeless, and didn’t have any trash that we were planning on leaving behind, he let us go, but made us promise that we would check in next time we decide to “camp” at the Rockies.

Our "Campsite" at Rocky Mountain National Park. As you can see, we basically are in the road...which is also where we slept. We are so cool.
Oh, and just so you know, in that teeny tiny little GTI we fit 3 people, along with 2 of those people's crap from an entire summer and my gear for a week...we were a little cramped.

Unfortunately we were unable to hang out at the park for long enough to hike and enjoy it.  But, to be honest, I don’t think we were completely welcome to stay either!  Check out this cool pic of the Rockies from a distance.

The Rocky Mountains!

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