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pics of my adorable puppies, and some of their friends.


I will get this dog.  And I will name him Chunk.  He will be such a cute little nugget and even those who “hate small yippy dogs” will love him!!

Doggie FaceTime

My family has two dogs, Jake and Taz. Jake is a older, more mellow (and by mellow I mean lazy as hell), and loves being around people, but has generally no desire at all to listen to people or do what they say. Taz, on the other hand, is a bit younger and will literally do anything you tell him to as long as you continue to give him attention. Although sometimes I think Taz is one taco short of a combo meal*, he is literally the most lovable dog in the world. He is a 70lb lap dog that will faithfully follow you around all day long, as long as you’re talking to him, petting him, or looking in his general direction.

Well, last night, I tried to get my sister Kate to bring Taz her iPad so that we could get some FaceTime in. I truly believe that Taz would thoroughly enjoy this because I know he misses me. And I also know that he loves the sound of my voice – I know this because he gets really excited when I sing (or rap) to him. Not surprisingly, Kate immediately shot down my proposal, which was sad, but I have not given up hope.

I’m hoping to receive enough support through this poll that my lil sis will see that doggie FaceTime is a great idea and will help me try it out. So what do you think:

*I say this because Taz does things a normal pup wouldn’t. For instance, he watches the clock tick (I swear he does), actually gets excited when I break out his “dog clothing”, and could chase a flashlight or laser pointer for hours. The last one is especially true, which we found out during our week-long black out.

You say why? I say why not?

This puppy looks like shes really enjoying herself!!


Guilty Dog

Oh no you didn’t

Too Tired to Eat!

Happy Easter!

Sleepy Puppy…

Awww sleepy puppy ready for a nap in his jammies!!


For a while now, I’ve been really really wanting a teeny tiny dog that I can just bring with me everywhere.  And I know most people say they hate these dogs, but seriously, when you see it and hold it and see how cute they are are…there’s no way you can hold a grudge.  I already have 2 dogs, but I love dogs, so getting another wouldn’t be an issue.  Furthermore, none of the dogs I currently have can fit into my purse or my pocket for that matter.  I mean really, how could anything that can fit in your pocket be a bad idea?
Here’s some pictures of my future pup, just so you can see how ridiculously cute he it! 

Chunk on his first Halloween…he’s not really a bad dog, just playing the part for the holiday.

This one would be when he’s a bit older…on weekend trip with some friends 🙂

Weekend Getaway

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