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Kelly’s Nails – Vernon, CT DO ETTTT!!

I went down to Kathy’s Nails located at 243 Hartford Tpke,Vernon Rockville, CT earlier today to get a manicure.  I went last weekend with my sis and got shellac put on my  nails, and although it is supposed to last for about 2 weeks, it peeled off  after about one week.  So yea…I went today to just get a regular manicure since its much cheaper.  I was sitting there with the nail guy, and he actually recognized me and asked me if I was just in last week for the shellac.  When I replied that I had been, he told me that he was going to shellac my nails again for the same price as a regular manicure.  He didn’t even give me the option.  He was SO nice!!  I was extremely impressed that even remembered me (I have only been there one other time), and even more impressed that he took the extra time to shellac my nails for me at one third of the cost!

I will absolutely be going back, and wanted to share my great experience with everyone else!  If you don’t have a nail salon that you go to regularly, I highly recommend this joint!  Great prices and great service!!

Oh, and boys:  if you’re reading this, this is for you too!  Point and case – while I was sitting there this very manly man walked in.  I assumed he was there to get a gift card for his wife, but I was wrong.  He was there for a pedicure!  See…men can go get their nails done too!  I promise you, you wont be disappointed!!


Happy Easter Everyone!  I saw the movie Hop last night, and it was adorable!  In short it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Alvin and the Chipmunks meets Tim Allen’s The Santa Claus.  Cute Paas (just like the egg die) is next in line to be the next Easter Bunny, the only thing standing in the way of his destiny is his life long dream of becoming a rock star.  To escape his graduation from bunny to Easter Bunny he runs away to Hollywood (where dreams come true), where he meets Fred O’Hare (real-life hottie James Marsden)…this is where the shenanigans really start.  The movie of course, is entertaining, and many of the Easter Bunny references, such as Paas calling himself E.B. once he gets to LA, or the megaphone being called the “eggaphone”, really tie in the theme.  Additionally, I was surprised to see stars Chelsey Handler and “the Hoff” in the movie, as well as the voice of Hugh Hefner when E.B. tries to bunk up with all the other bunnies in Hollywood.  Highly recommended if you like funny animated/animal movies…can’t wait to catch Rio!

Check out the trailer here:

Charming Charlie

One of my best friends recommended that I go to Charming Charlie to look for accessories.  In fact, she always has cute Jewelry & Shoes and more times than not, when I ask where it’s from, its from Charming Charlie.  I’ve been trying to “slim down” my pile of unnecessary crap, but with summer around the corner, of course even I, a self-proclaimed non-shopper, have caught spring fever and have been itching to update my wardrobe.  I finally made it to C.C. this morning, and what my friend DIDN’T tell me is that this store is one of the most overwhelming locations on the planet!  I was expecting an updated version of Claire’s….NOPE!  This store has tables, and walls, and display cases, and hangers OVERFLOWING with earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, purses, wallets, glasses, sunglasses, shoes, scarves etc etc etc.  I looked around in shock and awe as I walked through the golden door.  The entire store is segmented by color, which typically I find really annoying, but here it works.  To be honest, I went to the store for a watch, and the moment I walked through the door I realized that I needed to find a watch and hightail my way out of C.C. before I wasted the rest of my day there (trust me, it would be extremely easy to spend 3 or 4 hours there!).  I definitely do plan on going back, but I’ll have to dedicate at least a few hours to it and bring my shopping buddy to let me know which of the items I’m holding that I “can’t live without” I actually can!

Toms Shoes….really??

My job requires me to look at hundreds of websites a day, and one ad that has been popping up all over the place is “Make Your Wedding a Toms Wedding”.  I’ve know the general concept of Toms Shoes for some time now…you buy a pair for yourself, and Tommy Boy will donate a pair to a child in need.  At first glance, I think this is a kind hearted guy that is really giving back…never really looked too much into to, but was never really against it.  Then, once I started seeing these “Toms Wedding” ads, I was absolutely shocked to how hideous these “wedding shoes” –if you want to call them that- were!  These shoes are not only inappropriate for a wedding, but I’d like to see the bride that lets her bridal part wear these!  Even for a casual wedding, these slip-ons are completely unacceptable!  Maybe, just maybe, in the right setting the guys could get away with wearing some at a beach wedding or something similarly casual, but bridesmaids…most likely not!  Adding glitter or satin to “botas” does not make them wedding-day attire in my book.  Call me uptight, but on the most special day of my life, you will not find me slapping these puppies on my feet!

Wedding shoes?? I think not!

I started looking further into his product, which only added insult to injury.  It’s not just the way the shoes look, it’s the whole concept…these shoes range anywhere from $35 – $100+!!  People purchasing these shoes who are bragging (even if only in their own heads) about “giving back”, but I don’t really understand it.  They are buying expensive shoes that make them look like a poor person, just so a real poor person can also have a pair of shoes.  Here’s an idea…how about if you want to give back, actually do that!

These shoes look like they were made from a potato sack...definitly worth $54...

$48 that you will never see again for a pair of shoes that look like they have sat in the Sahara Desert Sun for 3 years before you even purchased them. FAIL

Don’t get me wrong, as I scrolled through his website, I did find some pairs that I liked.  Some of the prints were cute (i love the elephants-see below) and the wedges were cute, but for the most part, no thanks.

Spider Man…biggest theatre flop ever??

Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

More to come shortly.

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