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By now, I’m sure just about everyone knows about and has become obsessed with (even if for only a day or too) Pinterest.  When I first heard about Pinterest, I was a bit skeptical, and to be honest I put off signing up.  It didn’t take long for me to break, and when I did, I felt like the internet threw up all over me.  Seriously.  I mean at first it’s like you’re a kid in a candy shop.  You can see all the things you want right in front of you.   It quickly lost it’s luster to me though as I began to get followed by and follow more and more people.  After a while it just became annoying.  Instead of becoming a place that describes YOU, it became a euphoric place where people pin pictures of bodies they wish they had, motivational quotes to hype up non-existent workouts, DYI projects that would be awesome if you had a crafty bone in your body, adorable baby ideas for children that have not been conceived, home decoration and renovation ideas that require you actually own a home to decorate, and my personal favorite – multimillion dollar wedding ideas that would be great…if you even had a boyfriend!

I try to keep my boards realistic.  Of course like any other warm-blooded woman I have gotten sucked into some of these things, but I guess that’s part of the game.  If you can’t actually be the person you want to be in real life…why not be that person on the internet!?



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