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2013 Fight For Air Climb

fight for airTypically throughout the spring and summer I spend many a weekend morning up early to run in races.  Some of them are for fun, and some of them are for causes.  This past weekend I did a race much different than one I’ve ever participated in before called the Fight For Air Climb.  The Fight for Air Climb is a unique type of race that took place in downtown Hartford at City Place.  Its not a road race or a trail run, but rather a “vertical race” where we ran up 34 flights of stairs at City Place.  A good friend asked me to do this with them and I was was intregued, partially because I have never run in a “stair race” before, but mostly because the money raised goes to the American Lung Association, which is an amazing organization that works to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung diseases, like asthma, emphysema and lung cancer to name just a few.  This is something close to my heart as my mother lost her mother to lung cancer years before I was even born and I currently have other family members suffering from the same disease.  No one should have to struggle to breathe, something that most of us can do so easily and naturally.

photo 2The race itself was…interesting…to say the least.  There was a few hundred participants, all raising at least $100, but some over $1,000 for the American Lung Association.  How it works was that everyone lines up and every 20 seconds a person starts up the stairs – this minimizes the “stampede” effect.  I thought, since I work out frequently and am in pretty good physical healthy, that this would be easy.  I mean really, whats 34 flights of stairs?! (That’s totally obnoxious to say, right?  Don’t worry, I “got mine”).  The stair climbing portion, was in fact easy…What was not easy was breathing.

I’m going to say this in the nicest way I possibly can…whoever thought that having hundreds of people tramp up 30+ flights of stairs in a completely 100% enclosed area with absolutely ZERO ventilation is an absolute idiot.  No, seriously.  If I knew who the person was that made this decision I’d tell them to their face.  My legs were fine, but for about 10 hours after the race my throat and lungs burned with every breath I took.  I literally had that irony-blood taste in my mouth for the remainder of the day (I finished the race before 10AM), and consequently 3 days later I’m still coughing so badly I’m literally hacking things up.  Its not pretty.  I’m sorry for the detailed description, but its the only way to really paint a picture for you!  Apparently this is “how it feels to have lung disease”.  I’m sorry, but I really don’t think it benefits anyone to make lung disease more prominent. I thought we were trying to raise money to prevent lung disease, not spread it!!

Me and some of my teammates outside City Plaza before the race!

Me and some of my teammates outside City Plaza before the race!

Though the actual race has passed, I still have a few more weeks to collect donations.  If you’d like to support the American Lung Association (or my horrific experience this past weekend), please click HERE and click on the “make a gift” link underneath the thermometer.  I’m sure just about everyone knows someone suffering from a lung disease, no matter how big or small it is, and any donation to this amazing cause (even if it’s just a few bucks) will really add up and help make a difference!


I Wouldn’t Know It Was Bikram If It Wasn’t 107 Degrees!

I tried out a new yoga joint this morning and was MORE than pleasantly surprised!  I went to Bikram Yoga Downtown Hartford and it was an amazing experience.  Normally I go to a place in Glastonbury, and though I always liked it (with the exception of a few classes that were taught by some uptight yogi who literally yelled at the students, myself included), I thought “hey, why not try something new?”.  So I did.  Bikram Yoga Downtown Hartford is located right off the highway on Main Street across the street from City Steam Brewery.  There isn’t any free parking available like there is in Glastonbury, but luckily I’m an early bird and was able to park on the street (which you can do until 8AM).  There are also two parking garages that are in walking distance and cost only $3 and $4 with validation from Bikram Yoga Downtown.

Of course the practice of Bikram Yoga is going to be the same everywhere you go:  26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  But this studio had a amenities that are not available at my last studio.

  1. Spacious, Clean and Most Importantly COOL Locker Room:   Instead of having 30 yogis all trying to put their clothing into cubbies the size of a sandal box, there is a full on locker room fully equipped with large cubes, benches, nice showers, and a full counter and mirror to get ready.
  2. Scent Free Yoga Room:  I couldn’t believe it.  You’d think that a 107 degree room where people sweat their ass off for 90 minutes would be impossible to keep scent free, but somehow they did it.  OK, well maybe when I go back I’ll notice it wasn’t completely scent free, but thinking back on the situation, I can’t recall any nasty sweat smell, so it must not have been that back.
  3. Unpretentious Staff:  I’m not saying that all yoga teachers are pretentious, but some of them, ok most of them, give off this vibe that they are so relax and have their lives so under control that it actually sometimes stresses me out!  How annoying is it that every yoga teacher is about 110 lbs and has a six pack just from standing in tree pose and saying  a few oms?  My teacher today was just a regular girl and seemed wicked down to earth…I loved it!
  4. Small Class Size:  Since I’ve only gone once, I’m not sure if this is the case, but this class had only 5 people in it, including myself.  Cool!
  5. CLOCK!  Finally, the best part about this place:  there is a huge clock right in the middle of the room.  I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but let me tell you…I cannot stand not knowing how much longer I have til I’m done.  I’ve even worn my watch into practice a few times just so I can keep an eye, but I swear I got dirty looks for doing that so I reluctantly stopped!

I definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking to test the waters with Bikram.  The staff is nice, the studio is clean, and in my humble opinion, its a great place for new comers and experienced yogis of all kinds!

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