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Make Your Own Labels for Home Brews or Store Bought Beverages!!

This post is SOOOO late, but you know what the say, “better late than never”! Over a year ago one of my best friends got engaged, and about a year later this resulted in an amahhhzing batchelorette party, and eventually an absolutely goegeous wedding. Today I want to talk about something I did for the batchelorette party that was a great hits. I got each guest’s favorite wine, and got personalized labels made that were within the theme of the wedding. It was super easy and the girls loved it. Since the holiday season is coming on quick I wanted to share with you this easy process. Seriously, it’s so simple, and it is a great gift idea for holiday gifts for co-workers or friends or even a great thing to bring to holiday parties!

So, where to start….

Step 1: Visit The Studio Pub and choose the label of your choice and go buck wild personalizing it. The Studio Pub is an amahhhzing website that allows regular folks like you and me create customized labels for store bought beer snd soda bottles, wine bottles, and especially home brewed beers! I think those doing the home brews (or even homemade wine) can definitely agree that having some personal labels is the way to go!!

When you’re on The Studio Pub, remember that there are different size labels. Some are for beer bottles, others are for wine. I ended up choosing a nautically themed wine label because that was the basic theme of the wedding, and I knew the bride would appreciate the anchors!

Step 2: Purchase your beverage of choice. Whether its beer, bottled soda, wine or champagne, whatever you choose will taste even better with your awesome personalized labels. Word from the wise (aka me), if you’re planning on purchasing wine, make sure you ask the package store about a discount. Most local package stores will offer a discount if you purchase a case or more, even if you are choosing all different wines! This is a lesser known fact, and often times not advertised or offered if you, as the customer, don’t ask, but in my personal experience, I’ve never been turned down when I’ve asked for this special treatment.

Step 3: Make sure you have the means to remove the labels off each of the bottles you purchased. **Make sure that you add a post-it or piece of tape to each bottle before removing the label because merlot and cabernet look exactly the same once there are no distinguisting labels…trust me.

I recommend getting goof off or goo gone. Nail polish can also be useful and a butter knife can help with some of the stubborn labels. I’ve found that each bottle can be different. Some labels peel right off, and others have to soak in warm water and goo gone before there is any chance of getting them off. The nail polish remover helps with any residual stickiness that is left on the bottle after the label is history.


Step 4: Wash and dry each of the bottles. You want to make sure to get each bottle lean and dry before adding on the new label. you don’t need to wash them with anything special, just rince with water.


Step 5: place the labels onto the bottle. From personal experience I recommend that you do not remove the label completely from the backing before placing it on the bottle. A best practice would be to peel just one side, left or right, and stick it to the bottle and then roll the rest of the label on while simultaneously peeling off the backing. This will be the best way to make sure that you don’t end up with any bubbles.

Step 6: Gift away! all your family and friends will certainly be impressed with your craftiness and to make things even better, in my case at least, you can enjoy some delicious wine! Hooray!


Remember to contact Ben Quinn at or checkout the website HERE!!

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